Fell in love at the seaside


For my first actual post I thought I’d share my recent adventures in Brighton for the past few days.

My boyfriend and I travelled out of the city to the seaside town of Brighton for Valentine’s day and ended up staying for 4 days. Coming from a seaside town myself, I didn’t really see what would be so different about this one, given that it has the same sort of attractions; the pier, a wheel, crazy golf, arcades etc… I was so wrong!

We checked into our hotel right on the seafront on Thursday and went out for a walk along the promenade. The waves were so big that they left foam all along the beach right up to where the walkway was, they were hypnotising. Of course I got about 100 photos of them on my camera but it was pretty cold so I’m just uploading photos I took on my phone as it was so much easier to manage with gloves on!

 10891736_1029492157080953_8824244935124764742_nEating fish and chips for dinner was a must and we found the perfect little restaurant right on the front, reminiscent of an Italian trattoria with an adorably flirty 70 year old Italian/Greek owner- I think he fancied Tom more than me, there was definitely something going on there…

Waking up on Valentine’s day I was greeted with Patisserie Valerie pastries, macaroons and beautiful pink roses, I felt like I was in a film! We exchanged gifts then made our way down to the pier. Southend has longest pleasure pier in the world, but sin10599709_1029492047080964_1314403162128734215_nce it burnt down (twice), it’s been made into a lifeboat museum and no longer has any attractions on it so it’s fairly disappointing unless that sort of thing floats your boat (sorry, that was bad).

Brighton pier however was pretty amazing. We went on the big wheel which has commentary by Steve Coogan as you go around, and managed to see miles and miles of the town which was really beautiful. Then right next to it is a crazy golf course… Probably not one of my best ideas given how competitive we both are plus the fact that the course was saturated with rain from the day before which made it even harder to get a fair game!

After miraculously beating Tom, we went to the arcades on the pier itself, all lit up and enticing1509926_1029491900414312_2002230888379990469_n. It was pretty overwhelming with all the buzzers and various machines going off all at once, but we managed to spend about £5 on the two penny slot game which is my favourite even though you don’t really win. At the very end of the pier is a little amusement park with a helter skelter, carousel and an absolutely terrifying ride called the Waltzers where I genuinely feared death; my hat and phone both went flying out of the carriage! Never again, I almost hurled at the end… 1554510_1029491810414321_4982661788573219819_n They should sell t-shirts saying ‘I survived the Waltzers’, I’d buy one for every day of the week to remind myself of the struggle I overcame!

Dinner was lovely but it was quite dark so my photos didn’t come out as best quality as I would have hoped, but being treated to a four course meal was absolutely wonderful, even if I had to lie down and let my food baby deflate for a while before attempting to take my dress off for the night!

On Sunday we saw 50 Shades of Grey, a film I have been eagerly anticipating since I heard it was in production! Unfortunately I don’t think it lived up to the hype and found the characters to be quite rigid, especially the dialogue. So much was just not how I pictured it, although there’s no denying Jamie Dornan was verrryyy delicious and Dakota had a body to die for.


I’m usually an a11001855_1029491393747696_2551422322928824400_nnnoyingly, super-organised person, forever making lists and keeping 3 diaries on a daily ba10489639_1029491943747641_1624344986052289714_nsis. However for some unknown reason I forgot to pack jeans and instead just packed a load of tops and two dresses… I don’t know how that happened but it gave me an excuse to go shopping, even if that meant leaving the hotel in Tom’s very oversized jeans. Losing weight is brilliant until you can’t fit into your boyfriend’s clothes anymore!!!

We went for one last stroll around the beach on Monday morning, stopping at Choccywoccydoodah to admire the cakes (only admire as everything in there was extortionately expensive). I can honestly say that Brighton was one of the nicest places in this country that I’ve been to, and would definitely go there again as it’s under 2 hours away from London and very accessible by train- plus cheap tickets which is always a bonus!

I cannot wait to go again, perhaps in the summer when it’s a bit warmer though!

Daisy x


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  1. February 20, 2015 / 4:54 pm

    I really enjoy these kinds of posts! I appreciate your blog! Keep it up 🙂 x

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