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Yesterday I spent a few hours after my lectures having a little meander around Regent Street. I never venture this far, as Oxford Street is right near my uni house and I never feel the need to go any further for shopping etc; I’m essentially a very lazy person and would rather order online than face the hordes of tourists and avid shoppers, especially during colder seasons when umbrellas seem to be abundant in their thousands, just waiting to poke me in the eye.


Regent street is so beautiful, the architecture here is so much more interesting than on Oxford Street. I love how the whole street is protected as listed buildings so they can’t be changed, and that each building has a matching facade as the whole street is really just one big design but on separate buildings. I adore how most of the stops have bronze signs outside them, which is one of the only changes they’re allowed to make to the buildings, and all the windows and doors on the street are dark varnish.
I love walking down the street and looking (just looking) at all of the designer shops. The Apple store especially is really impressive although I didn’t manage to get any photos of the outside as it was raining when I got to it, and the inside looks pretty bare.

vscocam-photo-1 (2)

After lusting after iMacs and Macbooks as well as sneakily charging my phone in there, I went round the back down on of to find new restaurants, not to eat out as I can’t afford that being a poor student, but because it’s been a dream of mine to vscocam-photo-3open a restaurant after I graduate for quite a while. I love getting inspiration for decor and even new recipes from anything I see. It finally gave me an excuse to use my camera as I could capture the detailing so much better than on my iPhone which really needs an upgrade. I especially loved this really cool restaurant which was surrounded vscocam-photo-2by big green potted plants like a jungle, as well as this one with the naked lightbulbs as decoration which I think was a vegetarian restaurant called Tibits. Definitely have to check it out when I have more money; having been a vegetarian for 10 years until recently I barely eat meat anyway so am always on the lookout for delicious new meat-free recipes to try out at home!

I also visited H&M’s flagship store on Regent Street. There are 4 H&M’s on Oxfordvscocam-photo-1 Street which is kind of excessive, but the Regent Street one is relatively small compared to these others. I loved the big artwork on the back wall that you see as soon as you walk in, it looks really impressive. I bought a cute white 3/4 hmprodsleeve top with a French bulldog on for £9.99 and saw so many pug tshirts (my boyfriend is absolutely obsessed with pugs so the temptation to get one was massive) but managed to resist! The material of the top is so soft and breathable and I got it in a size ‘S’ but I find H&M sizes quite hard to gauge so it’s a little on the loose side- perfect for slouchy days!

Lastly, I visited Liberty’s. The building is so beautiful as it’s the original from when it was built back in vscocam-photo-2 (1)1875 and it protected so that it can never be altered or (god forbid) knocked down. My favourite part of Liberty’s is the stationary section as you come in via the side entrance off of Regent Street. It’s full of adorable Christian Lacroix journals, monogrammed notebooks, printed wrapping paper and handmade cards. I can just imagine myself with one of their beautiful embossed sketchbooks, sipping coffee and sketching at a table on a cobbled street in Paris *sigh*

I’m writing this post on the train going back up Wales on an impromptu weekend trip, so I’ll try to post something tomorrow as I have a few ideas of things I can do but if you have any ideas then comment below and I’ll try my hardest to come up with something!

Daisy x


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