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So we’re officially in March! For me it’s quite shocking how fast the time has gone this year, it’s just felt like all the days have blurred into one long grey rainy slog. With the coming of this new month I’ve noticed it’s quite a lot lighter when I came out of my classes at 6 today which made a lovely change; spring and summer are fast approaching!

I had an Italian grammar exam this morning, plus have 4 more controlled assessments to complete before breaking up for the Easter term, but I couldn’t help but treat myself during my break today. For the last few weeks I’ve had such a longing to go into Tiger, a homeware store near where I live, because their window displays are always so colourful and inviting. Today seemed like a perfect excuse to finally fulfill this wish so after my second lecture I made my way down there and ended up just falling in love with almost everything in there!

Tiger is sort of like the Danish answer to ikea; it’s a ‘variety store’ that sells accessories, homeware items, toys, art supplies and cute little bits and bobs. I love how everything is labelled in Danish just like in ikea so it feels like you’re learning something whilst perusing- makes me feel a little better about spending my money, even though everything in there is so cheap anyway!

I spent about half an hour looking around at everything as it was my first visit to the shop, and ended up buying a few little homeware bits as well as some kitchen supplies all of which I’m really excited to use!

Starting with stationery, I am really bad when it comes to hoarding DSCN0324notepads and pens, I have some sick obsession! Naturally, I couldn’t help myself from stopping at the very well-stocked stationery section of the shop which hit me as soon as I got in there. These little notepads came in a pack of 5 and cost just £1! Being a languages student these are going to be perfect for revision when I want to write down vocabulary or can even be used for everyday lists etc.
I also got this adorable little pen with a polkadot-clad woman on it. They had so many sweet designs but this was definitely my favourite and was also only £1 which was a good bargain; I might even go in and get another one to give her some company!

Then I progressed to the homeware accessories part of the store. They had a fantastic range of picture frames so I choseDSCN0326 these two silver frames with a gilt-esque enamel edge the corners. These will make a nice touch to my bedroom at home which has a few little silver/glass decorative pieces (mainly recycled Christmas decorations). They were only £1 each which I think is a really good price for something that can add such a nice tone to a space.
I also got a ring holder, something I’ve been after for absolutely ages. I wear two Pandora rings every day but take them off for bed and am DSCN0330forever losing them in my bedroom after showering or when getting ready. I got this sweet heart-shaped glass ring holder for £2. They had quite a collection of actual hand shaped ones, but I thought this one would be nice for putting little earrings in the base of it as well and it just looks really dainty, plus it catches the light and makes tiny rainbows on my desk which is nice.  

Next for the kitchenware. I’m planning on making chocolate truffles tomorrow so I was after a container for them- the whole reason I went DSCN0323into the shop in the first place! I did manage to find a really nice heart shaped tin for £2 and I like the fact that it has a window on the lid so you can see what’s in there, although I feel like this will be far too tempting when trying not to eat all of them at once! I also got a silicone ice cube tray for £2 so I can make cute little heart shaped ice cubes in my drinks and feel all romantic and sophisticated instead of scraping it off of the freezer door!

Next is this tiny little miniature grater! LOOK HOW TINY IT IS! It’s the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen, there was no way I could just walk DSCN0353past and not pick one up. These little guys were priced at just £1 each and have 3 different sides with different sized grater holes so you have a variety of grating options. I bought this for chocolate shavings especially when I’m baking or making fancy hot chocolates… which will definitely be increasingly often now I have this! It’s also probably worth mentioning that I bought the tray that this grater is on from Tiger too. I love serving breakfast in bed on little trays like this rather than fumbling around with different plates and cups etc, it can all go onto one neat tray. This was £2 and is a really funky 70s pattern from a little range they have in the corner of the shop with different sizes and patterns.

I got a teapot as I drink a lot of tea and find there’s nothing better than DSCN0316brewing a pot on a Sunday with some toast and just reading for a few hours- as if I’ve had that luxury lately though! This teapot is a really fresh white china and on the lid there’s a small bird for the handle which I thought was a really sweet touch. It was the most expensive thing I bought today and even that was only £7, you really do get a lot for your money at this shop! I got the white woven mat that is pictured as well for £1 (also comes in black) so I can take better photos of my food without the ugly brown of the table getting in the way!

DSCN0337What’s a teapot without any tea? Before the tills section there’s a really big tea/food area that has loads of Danish produce. I’ve been admiring the tea strainers in Paperchase for a while now but thought the £7 area was a bit steep for a strainer, so when I saw this heart-shaped one today for £2 I had to go for it!
For it, I got a little tin of green tea & pomegranate leaves. I would live off of green tea if that was possible so I’m really excited to try this, and it was only £3 so definitely worth trying. I also got two boxes of teabags; white tea with peach and jasmine tea, another two of my favourites, for £2 each. The packaging on all three of these products is what drew me to them in the first place, it’s really beautiful and floral, kind of matching my 70s tray with the funky patterns. How retro, am I cool yet?

Lastly I bought three food items. Dutch cinnamon stroopwafels are my latest guilty indulgence. They’re so small that they barely count as calories, right? I love cinnamon, and although they’re pretty sugary,DSCN0332 these waffles are really nice heated up next to a cup of coffee for the kickstart to dreaded Monday (or any) mornings we all deserve! This packet was £2 for 200G and during the process of writing this post I think I’ve already eaten half the bag so I’ll definitely be popping in for some more asap!
I picked up a packet of mini marshmallows for those posh hot chocolates I mentioned, and what better excuse to make them now as these were only £1! I love the packaging on these, it’s very ‘Wreck This Journal’ tumblr-esque, the kind of creative nonchalence that I’ve never been able to carry off, I’m too much of a perfectionist.
I also got a packet of Oreo-type biscuits for my truffles I’ll be making tomorrow which were a bargain at £1.


Really happy with all of my purchases, only cost £34 for a Spring revamp of my bedroom and kitchen accessories. Cannot wait to get into my pyjamas with a couple more of these syrup waffles and a lovely cup of tea, it’s been a long day!

Daisy x


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