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Buongiorno Bambini!

This week has been really manic for me; it was my boyfriend’s birthday on Tuesday so from Saturday when he came home really I’ve been up and down the country going home to see him and then back to uni for lectures. The good news is that I’m done for the weekend! I love having an early finish on Thursdays because I have Fridays free too which means I have a really long weekend; time to relax (and work, obviously!)

I completed another controlled assessment for Italian on Tuesday morning which goes towards my final grade, so decided to do a little bit of shopping to celebrate. I’m saving money for two holidays over the Easter break – so close now!! – so self-control was imperative and I think I managed quite well… for me anyway, queen of impulse buys! I went to the Primark on Oxford Street which is right near where I live and is the biggest one I’ve ever been to; 4 floors, it’s so so busy especially at Christmas-time, I salute anyone brave enough to go there during holiday seasons!

My first holiday is skiing with my family in Geneva so obviously I’ll be wearing plenty of layers and ordered a few new bits today like thermals etc, but then the week after I’m going to Malaga with Tom. We went last year and I absolutely loved it so we had to return this year, plus it’s really good practice for my Spanish exams which start a few days after we get back- I’m designated translator on most holidays especially to Spanish/French speaking places.

I have a few things from last summer that I’ll be taking with me, but decided to check out the new Primark range as they’ve just brought in loads of summery pieces. I’m usually quite fussy with Primark as the materials aren’t always the best quality and the fit of the clothes can be quite precarious, but I was really pleased with all of the stuff I got today!

DSCN0354First of all beauty. I absolutely love doing face masks although I never really have the time. I’ve decided to set aside a bit of time every day to just relax as I find I’m so switched on during the evening that it takes me hours to get to sleep- time to make a change! Primark always do Montagne Jeunesse face masks in single-use packs, for only 90p each which I think is an absolute bargain. They always smell amazing and come in different types such as peel off, wash off, heating, cooling, everything! I got a citrus peel off one and a candyfloss scrub, neither of which I’ve tried before so I’m excited to do so as soon as I find the time!

DSCN0355In the same section of the shop they have a developing makeup range. I haven’t ever bought anything from the Primark makeup range, and originally only wanted a sharpener for my existing eyebrow pencil (which I got for £1) but saw these; a duo brow and wax pencil. I admit that I have a problem with my eyebrow pencil sometimes where it can get smudged at the corners nearest my temples (as opposed to eyes) so this looks really interesting. I tried it earlier and it made my eyebrows feel quite heavy but I can tell I won’t have any smudging or residue problems. The pencil comes in 3 different shades; light, medium or dark, although I got medium as I have quite dark hair but even this looks too dark for me, so be careful with what shade you pick. It was only £1 though so definitely worth themoney even for just the wax end.

I also got a couple of packs of earrings as I’m forever losing studs so I have a little collection of odd ones at the bottom of my jewellery box. I DSCN0367have a few piercings in my ears so I find that the DSCN0358multipacks from Primark are really handy because I can use all of them, especially small ones for my cartilage. I loved this pack of 6 for only £1.50 as they’re very dainty, even the dangly ones, so I can wear them all on an everyday basis. I also really liked these pink beaded drop earrings for £1.50 as they’re quite subtle and can really set off an outfit without looking too gaudy or dressy.


I love the selection of chokers in Primark at the moment, they have loads of different colours and styles, and thought this lovely little pink duo would go nicely with the earrings I bought. They were £2 for the set and look very delicate on my neck.

DSCN0371I also got a slightly dressier set although it can be worn during the day, and even as separate necklaces to just set off a simple outfit. This trio was £3 and comes with a mint beaded heart necklace, a rose pink quartz-esque heart necklace, and a golden filigree necklace to finish. I can’t wait to wear these on holiday with dresses or even a pastel top and skirt.


Speaking of shirts, I got these two tshirts. I’m not really a fan of tight tops as I’m really self-conscious about my figure, but these were so soft and such good value that I couldn’t really resist! For £3 each, they come in a few colours and will probably have more with the coming summer season. I got a very nice cobalt blue and a white, but I should warn you that these are very thin, especially the white one- when I tried it on I was wearing the palest blue lace bra from Topshop and it could be seen through both, luckily I have long hair which covered it from the front! I like the fact that these tops are ribbed as I think this is a very flattering texture for tops, and will wear them with high-waist midi skirts as they’re slightly cropped.


To go with them I couldn’t resist this skirt. It caught my eye as I was approaching the checkouts and looked so floaty and comfortable that I had to get it. The print reminds me of my hometown which is by the sea, as it’s a sort of fishing village scene on a lovely pleated material. It’s quite hard to take a good photo when I’m not wearing it but I managed to get one on my instagram yesterday- very Granny chic! The great thing is that it’s not too gaudy but has quite a lot of colours in it so can be matched with lots of options for tops which is really handy for packing light with carry-on luggage. This skirt was £10 which I don’t think was bad at all; I’ve been wearing it since I bought it! I got it in an 8 which is my size but because of the elasticated waist I’d recommend trying it on before buying (which I didn’t) as mine is slightly too big.


Lastly I got a pair of white lattice shoes to match the whole outfit. My grandma has a pair just like these in silver which I find so funny as I’ve always made fun of them, but actually I should ring her and apologise immediately because they’re so comfortable! Kudos, Grandma! These were £6 per pair and came in a choice of white or brown, although now that I’ve worn them and fallen in love with them I might have to go and get the brown pair as well! They’re a soft, imitation leather with laser cut design all around them making them very breathable, and have a nice sturdy sole/heel on the bottom. I’ll be wearing these with the outfit and probably all of my holiday outfits as they’re so comfy and cute;a very good investment all round!

I got a few little other bits like hair grips and other necessities that I didn’t think looked interesting enough to post, but overall (including a gift) I only ended up spending £47 which for me is a brilliant display of self-control! I’m really happy with these items, and feel like I’ve gained some essential staples for my summer wardrobe! Roll on sunny skies and beaches…

Daisy x


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  1. March 12, 2015 / 6:17 pm

    great haul! think i need to head to primark soon!!

    • March 12, 2015 / 7:11 pm

      They have some lovely things in their new summer line, it’s definitely worth checking out x

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