Primark Candles Review

I’ll admit it, I have a slight obsession with candles, I absolutely love them!

I must get through one of those 20-hour burning bad boys in about 3 days, I just constantly have them burning in my room. I love the smell, I love the packaging, I love everything about candles! My recent obsession has been Yankee Candles, which are obviously just delicious, however since I moved to uni, I haven’t been able to buy any because they’re quite expensive and really big to have one of those large full sized ones. So, I’ve had to take my fix elsewhere: Primark.

I got my first Primark candle when I moved back to uni in January and since then I have been utterly hooked!

I think they’re just such good value for money, seem to last forever even for me, and the smell of them is just absolutely fantastic. I haven’t yet been disappointed with a Primark candle, and don’t see myself going back to Yankee Candles very easily to be perfectly honest.

Yesterday I was in there getting some socks and decided to wander into the homeware section as my other two candles are on their way out. I had the large square ones, a ‘Red Berry & Jasmine‘ and a ‘Pineapple & Ginger‘ for £2 each, but wanted some different scents. The candle gods answered my prayers with Primark’s new range!

I saw these straight away because of the adorable packaging which made me think of sweet shops with all their sweets in jars behind the counter. They only had two ‘flavours’ when I went there so I picked up both as they’re only £1 each! I love the fact that they come in jars, it makes me feel safer burning a candle in a type of large container just in case it somehow falls or whatever, I’m quite paranoid about starting fires in my room seeing as I burn candles for hours every night.
DSCN0410DSCN0411The first one is a lovely little pink (obviously it caught my eye first!) and it’s called ‘Watermelon Lemonade‘. It’s a very sweet, fruity smell, just like summer in a jar! It smells like some kind of pick and mix sweet, like those rhubarb and custard sticks that Haribo do. SO delicious and a really pretty pink colour.

DSCN0415I also got the other scent they had, which is called ‘Lemon Verbena‘. I absolutely love the scent of lemons, it’s so refreshing! Even with just the lid off, the smell of this candle is so powerful, it’s really nice. This smell really reminds me of lemongrass in Thai food, it’s not too overpowering or sickly like many citrus scents tend to be, but it’s a very prominent and beautiful smell.

I cannot wait to start using both of these candles when my other two run out, which will probably be over the weekend as I have loads of work to be doing!

My score for Primark candles – 10/10, I honestly can’t fault them on anything, packaging, price, scent, all so good value and really enjoyable.

Daisy x


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