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Hola Preciosos,

It’s the end of my holiday and I’m absolutely gutted to be going home- especially because now I actually have to face reality and get down to my exams (on Monday!!).

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I’ve had the best time here, I love Málaga and can honestly see myself moving here for a bit after I finish university, it’s such a beautiful and vibrant city. I wanted to share the best photos of things that I’ve done during my time here this holiday; aside from lazing on the beach, drinking cocktails and revising that is!

Beach Days

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When we come here we stay at a hotel outside of the main city in the fishing village of Pedregalejo. It has its own beach which is really beautiful; on a sunny day the water sparkles the deepest blue and there are little fish swimming around the rocks, it’s gorgeous. We also went to the beach nearer to the city called Malagueta, which is slightly busier but still really nice; we rented two sunbeds with an umbrella and a glass of Prosecco each for 8 euros for the whole day, which was a lifesaver as it was far too hot to even touch the sand that day.

City Sight Seeing Bus Tour

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I absolutely love these open top bus tours; you buy a 24 hour ticket and go on a 90 minute trip around the city with a guided headphone tour telling you all about different landmarks and places of interest. I go on one whenever I go to a new city as it’s a great way of getting around for the day and seeing everything. I went to the Plaza de Toros to do some research for my Spanish speaking exam on Monday which is on bullfighting, and last time I was here we got off different ones. It’s definitely worth the money, and cost us 18 euros each for the 24 hour ticket, which we used over 2 days and the buses came from the stops every 30 minutes.

Alcazaba Castle

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There are a lot of Arabic influences in Málaga, and one of the most prominent examples is Alcazaba which is a Moorish fortification in the middle of the city. It costs 60 cents for student with ID to get in or 2,40 for adults, and is worth a visit on a sunny, clear day as you can see all of the city below plus the sea, it’s really beautiful. Another great lookout spot like this is the Castle of Gibralfaro which costs about the same to get in and feels like you’re on the set of Game of Thrones; it’s also one of the stops on the City Sight Seeing Tour Bus so you can get off and spend half an hour looking around before continuing on the tour.

Botanical Gardens

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We also went to the Botanical Gardens which is a little bit of a journey as it’s outside of the city, but it’s so worth it as it is absolutely gorgeous. It cost about 1,80 euros per person (student rates) to get in and that gave us an all day pass to the gardens. We walked around this absolutely mammoth place, honestly we didn’t get around it all until we’d been there for about 2 hours of constantly walking. There are loads of different routes you can go on ie a forest trail or ‘Around the World in 80 Trees’ which was quite interesting. We had our lunch in this beautiful spot which I’ve pictured above; a building called ‘Finca’ which is a columned Roman dome with a mosaic floor, pink material tied around the pillars to add some shade/privacy, even a turtle pond behind it. Along with the most amazing view of the entire city and surrounding area, it was honestly the most picturesque place; I want one in my garden! You can even get married at these gardens, and I can imagine it would be so pretty with all of the flowers in bloom everywhere.

Bike Rental

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Despite being very dubious about this before we did it, as I don’t really like cycling in London let alone a foreign country, Tom pushed me into it and I’m so glad he did because I had the best day! We went into the city, found a place called Bike2Malaga and rented 2 bikes for the day which were 10 euros each (plus leaving my driver’s license as a deposit, which of course came with everyone laughing at my god awful photo). We ended up cycling around the port, having a lovely lunch in the sun by the boats, then through the city looking at all of the old buildings and parks. I wholeheartedly recommend renting bikes as it’s a very cheap way of getting around easily, and this company rented us helmets and a bike lock included in the 10 euro price- they were so helpful and friendly, I was really happy we did it in the end.

Hammam Arabic Baths

Photo 22-04-2015 13 34 06Photo 22-04-2015 11 54 17Photo 22-04-2015 15 03 46Photo 22-04-2015 15 05 46

On the last full day, we visited an Arabic baths in the city. Hidden away down a tiny little street, the moment I set foot through those doors I was transported into a different world; all dark, scented wood, intricate marble carvings and soothing music. For 29 euros (a student package), we got to spend an hour and a half being bathed and massaged like royalty, I honestly didn’t want to leave. This was definitely the best thing I did here and I will be coming here again – perhaps more than once. It was a beautiful ending to the holiday and the perfect de-stressing treat to ourselves. You can’t take photos inside, so the ones of the baths are from Google but I made sure they are the exact ones; it’s so gorgeous in there that the memory will be in my mind forever.

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I’ve had such a beautiful time and it was really nice to get away from all of the stresses of uni life; now it’s just 4/5 weeks until I can do that again for summer!

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Happy Thursday!

Daisy x


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  1. April 25, 2015 / 7:52 am

    This place looks amazing!!! Good luck on your Spanish test! I am also doing Spanish a level right now and I think in the near future I will as be going somewhere in Spain!
    ¡Debo aceptar que los photos son fantasticos!

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