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Hello Bunnies!

I had planned on doing this post ages ago but the lighting in my room at uni is horrific and it’s been so gloomy and rainy lately, plus I’ve got major revision bad skin going on; this is the first opportunity I’ve had to take half decent photos!

I am one of those people who believe that makeup makes you feel better; even wearing just a little bit definitely makes me feel like I can face the day with a little more confidence than if I was just au natural. This isn’t because I’m not confident in my own skin, I just think that makeup definitely highlights your face and makes you look and feel more awake and ready to tackle anything. Or that might just be me…

When I’m revising in my room I don’t usually bother with any makeup because I know I’m just going to end up rubbing it off again, but normally if I’m going to the library or if I know I’m going to be going out and facing the dreaded public, I do a very simple natural face to just give myself a fighting chance against the judging looks of strangers.

The idea for this particular post came to me last weekend when my friend came to visit. She’s beautiful and we had such a good time, but I genuinely spent 3 hours in my room waiting for her to apply her precise makeup with numerous products that I’d never even heard of. It got me thinking about my own beauty regime which normally ends with BB cream, brows, eye primer, mascara and maybe cat-eye liner if I’m feeling fancy.

But 3 HOURS?? That seems so excessive, even if we were chatting and suffering from a hangover at the same time…

So, I decided to combine both her problem and mine and create a fresh, natural looking face that you can apply in the morning before work or school in just 5 minutes. Makeup on a strict time limit! I didn’t know how this would work out when I started but it was certainly interesting!

Assuming that you’ve already exfoliated or used a facial scrub in the shower beforehand, we’re starting with a clean, dry face here.

Photo 08-05-2015 16 28 44

First I use a BB cream instead of a heavy foundation as it feels a lot nicer on my face and works in the same sort of way but has more functions. I use the Maybelline ‘Dream Fresh BB’ cream in the medium beigey tone which works to your skin tone once you’ve rubbed it in. This is £5-8 depending on where you purchase it from and mine has lasted for ages.

Photo 08-05-2015 16 29 04

Once I’ve given that a few seconds to dry, I apply concealer to my ‘problem areas’. This is usually any spots on my forehead or around my hairline, plus my chin where I have a scar that I like to tone down a little. Recently I’ve been using the Rimmel ‘Wake Me Up’ concealer which retails at about £5-6 from most drugstores. I like this concealer as it’s easy to apply with the little wand, almost like a lipgloss, plus it doesn’t come off when I’m applying the next step which I find with the Benefit concealers. I use the shade ‘040 soft beige’ which is kind of the generic tone although I might go for a darker one now I am more tanned.

Photo 08-05-2015 16 31 00Next is either bronzer or compressed powder. I like to do this step just to kind of set the BB cream and concealer in place and make my skin look more matte rather than shiny. I either use Benefit ‘Hoola’ bronzing powder (£19-20) or the ELF pressed powder in the shade ‘buff’ (£2.90). I apply these lightly with a big brush, concentrating on my t-zone but trying not to over apply because I just want to make my face look like it has less product on it; by adding more… genius.

Photo 08-05-2015 16 29 52

Still on face products, I then go to my ELF ‘all over colour sticks‘ in either ‘Persimmon’ which is a beautiful iridescent pink or if I’m feeling braver in ‘Pink Lemonade’ which is a bolder pink. Both of these smell absolutely amazing, like face candy! I apply these as a highlighter to my cheekbones and pat them in with my fingers and down the bridge of my nose. With the Pink Lemonade I use it sometimes as a blusher too to bring some colour to my cheeks on a cold day. I would advise that you use these products liberally as they can come across too sheeny on the face and just end up looking oily. These were £2.79 each from the ELF website.

Photo 08-05-2015 16 33 36

Next I do my eyes. I don’t really do much to my eyebrows by way of maintenance and makeup. I have them waxed and shaped every few weeks and maintain the look by tweezing out and strays here and there, but I just leave my brows in the capable hands of the beautician as I am utterly hopeless with them! To fill them in and extend them slightly (I have really short brows), I have been recently trying out the Primark beauty range. I really like the brow pencil which was only £1 and comes with a little brush on one end. There are 3 shades, light medium and dark- I’ve used the dark shade for mine as I have quite dark brown hair but I do apply this very lightly as it is so easy to over do and end up with huge blocks on your forehead.

Photo 08-05-2015 16 32 11

Once I’ve done the brows (they usually take the longest time so sometimes I actually start with them after applying the powder), I move to my ELF eyelid primer to brighten my eyes, then do mascara. I love Benefit mascaras although they’re quite pricey- luckily I’m still working through the many sample sizes I got for Christmas. I know Roller Lash is all the rage lately although the packaging is beautiful, I must admit that I still prefer They’re Real! as it’s more the kind of product I like. Benefit mascaras are about £18 from shops but they are unparalleled in their quality- they are my favourite mascara on the market at the moment. I apply a few coats to my top lashes and one to my bottom to bring out my eyes and make them look bigger and brighter.


Photo 08-05-2015 08 28 59And there you have it, a simplistic natural face that freshens up your look without your makeup looking too heavy and more importantly; without it taking too long to do! I will be honest, this is my everyday look so I apply it very quickly now as a habit, but it will probably take between 5-10 minutes depending on your confidence with certain products.

I wear lipbalm constantly so I’ll always have some EOS on the go, or even my Clinique Chubby Stick for a quick splash of colour, but really when it’s just an everyday look I stick to EOS balms or cocoa butter Vaseline as it’s much easier.

For a going-out look or something heavier of course I use different products and it might take more time, but this is a look that is very natural and effortlessly chic.

Have a lovely day!

Daisy x


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