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Hello Lovelies!

I’ve just had my Realism & Neorealism exam, and I think it went alright… I don’t really know what ‘realism’ is which probably isn’t a good sign but oh well, it’s over and done with now!

A few weeks ago I went to this new bagel bar on Goodge Street called Delancey & Co. It opened in the fall last year and I haven’t had a chance to get over to there until recently, but it was definitely worth the wait.

The owner, Daniel Moosah, has come from New York and created this authentic deli, specialising in smoked salmon/salt beef plus a range of signature sandwiches including reubens- which I am desperate to try next time I go there!

Delancys 2

Delancys 4

There are so many varieties of filling plus the bread itself; various bagels, challah rolls (very sweet Jewish bread), rye bread- it honestly took ages to pick as I’m such an indecisive person when it comes to looking at the menu, I hate being overwhelmed with choice. I would have preferred to have a more select menu because to be honest I was a little overwhelmed with all of the different combinations and names, but I was very pleased with what I did order; salt beef with american mustard and pickles on a white bagel.

Delancys 1The bagel was prepared in front of me, with steaming tureens of meat being opened and huge slabs stuffed into the bread, it looked so good when they’d done it all up. I couldn’t finish mine even with half of the meat taken out, so I took it home and had it in a sandwich the next day- waste not, want not! I loved the saltiness of the beef and the tang of the mustard, it was divine.

We managed to get a deal that got us two bagels plus two glasses of Prosecco (on tap) and a slice of Oreo cheesecake for around £23, which I think is a little pricey but the amount of food we got was pretty impressive.

Delancys 3

The interior of the place really reminds me of what a cool deli on New York’s lower east side would look like- I’ve never been so I apologise if this is a completely offensive stereotype!- and I loved the fact that they sell loads of American cereals and have them all displayed. The service was excellent and it’s so near my house that I don’t really have any excuse not to go again!

Overall, if you’re looking for something a little different and don’t have the means to get to the Beigel Bar on Brick Lane (my personal favourite), Delancey & Co. on Goodge Street is a perfectly reasonable alternative. Surrounded by other fast food places such as ICCOs – an amazing pizzeria that I cannot praise enough – and Wrap It Up!, this place has certainly made a name for itself already and it’s not hard to see why.

I’ll definitely be visiting again soon, although probably if someone is paying for me!

Daisy x


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