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Hello Lovelies!

I haven’t baked anything in a while because I’ve been so busy revising, so I decided to take a day off over the weekend and have a little ‘me time’ in the kitchen. However, I’m a little sick of my usual chocolate overhaul that comes with most of my go-to recipes, so I decided to try something new and more grown up.

 Then it hit me; a cocktail-inspired cupcake!

I am a sucker for cocktails,  they make me feel so glamorous despite being mostly sugar and ice. There’s something so girly and fabulous about ordering a Manhattan or a Cosmopolitan in a bar with your friends! My favourite cocktail is a Tom Collins; can’t go wrong with gin and lemonade! However, I didn’t think this would be too nice in a cupcake so instead I went for my second favourite; Mojito.


The basic components of this drink are rum, mint and lime which I thought would be quite easy to add to a cupcake, but I wasn’t brave enough to test quantities on my own so I found a lovely recipe on Brown Eyed Baker’s website. This beautiful Italian baker has found the perfect recipe for these cupcakes and I can honestly say it’s the first time my finished product has ended up looking exactly like the example!

The cupcakes kept for 3 days in the fridge from the day of baking, and remained lovely and spongy the whole time.  To decorate I used sprigs of mint left over from the pack that I bought for the recipe and used an 8 rope icing nozzle- although my piping bag split open midway through and I had to improve with a makeshift one out of kitchen foil… it was certainly interesting to say the least!

Photo 16-05-2015 14 13 56

The website says that the cakes take an hour to make but mine took about an hour and a half, and I substituted several items;

  • Rum- I used Bacardi and for the icing I used 5 tablespoons rather than 3
  • Buttermilk- I used whole fat milk instead as I didn’t have any buttermilk and it was fine
  • For the icing I kept adding more icing sugar so that it would thicken slightly then put the cakes into the fridge once they’d been iced so that it would stiffen and turn out more like frosting than butter cream icing.

Now that I know the quantities and type of ingredients you need to make these cocktail cupcakes, I’m definitely going to be making loads of different types for summer parties and BBQs.

Photo 16-05-2015 14 13 46

Some ideas I have for cocktail cupcake flavours;

  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Salted Caramel and Bourbon
  • Coffee and Whisky/Baileys
  • Pimms
  • Cosmopolitans
  • Pina Colada
  • Daiquiri

The choices are endless and I can’t wait to gets started!

Happy Baking!

Daisy x


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      They’re very nice, I recommend making them!x

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