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I’ve had such a busy week and it has definitely called for some pampering! I always try to get some ‘me time’ in whether it’s baking (see my gorgeous Mojito Cupcakes) or trying out new beauty products.

I decided to purchase a couple of little bits and test them out seeing as they’ve been so hyped up recently; Cocowhite oil pulling teeth whitening gels and also Frank coffee body scrub. I’ve seen these all over Instagram over the past few months so the other week I decided to give them both a try and see if they lived up to the hype.


If you haven’t tried oil pulling to whiten teeth before, I’ll tell you now that it’s a really strange experience. The consistency of the stuff is very weird as it’s sort of like a paste in the tubes, then as you swirl it around your mouth it becomes much more liquidy… I didn’t really like this to be honest; the taste of the flavoured oil isn’t bad but the texture was too much to get past.

vscocam-photo-2 (1)

I ordered a pack of 14 assorted flavoured sachets for £19.99 plus the £3.98 delivery charge which boosted the cost of the product to a total of £23.98. For something that’s only going to last me 14 days, I definitely think the cost is steep. The product came within 2-3 days as promised and the flavours are 5 Mint sachets, 5 Lemon sachets, and 4 Vanilla (my personal favourite). If you haven’t tried these before then I’d recommend getting the variety pack as you can test out the different flavours and see which one you like best, plus I felt that it was nice to have a little bit of variety instead of the same flavour each night.

I don’t feel like my teeth look amazingly different after using this product, and I have got another box on the way so I’m going to try and see what they look like after this one, but overall I don’t think that this product has lived up to expectations and probably won’t be continuing to use it after this. The Cocowhite Instagram page is full of photos of bright teeth and celebrities endorsing the product to make you want to buy it, which sucked me in as I thought it would be more likely to work if it was this hyped up. Silly me!

Price: 5/10 – I think this product is too expensive for what it is and I’m sure there are alternatives out there- you can buy your own coconut oil and use that for homemade oil pulling for much less money!
Packaging: 6/10 – I like the packaging overall and think the sachets look very clean and professional, plus they contained just the right amount of product in.
Delivery: 8/10  The best thing about this product is how fast they arrive even though you have to pay almost £4 for the delivery charge.
Effectiveness: 6/10 – I don’t see that this product has made a substantial difference to how white my teeth are and know that other methods, ie whitening trays, would probably be more effective.
Overall: 6/10 – I think this product has really been overstated in how good it is, and despite the nice flavouring and good customer service when I asked to not receive any more boxes, I don’t think the product is worth the £24 for 14 days of whitening.

Photo 27-04-2015 10 35 36

Frank Coffee Scrub

love this product! I was always a little skeptical of this because from the Instagram photos that are tagged on their account, these scrubs always look so messy and I absolutely detest mess! However, once I scooped a handful, stood in the shower and braved it, it was actually not that bad- it’s a little like sand.

These body scrubs are amazingly good for your skin- you stand there rubbing this sand-like product in and once you wait for 5-10 mins (plenty of time to take your #thefrankeffect selfie for their insta page), you rinse off and become a completely different person! Not to mention your bathroom/bedroom/house will smell like gorgeous coffee granules for the rest of the day. Yes, this product does create mess but you are in the shower so it’s nothing that can’t be washed down the drain afterwards!

I bought two different scrubs; the Original Coffee flavour scrub (£11.95) and the Peppermint Coffee scrub (£12.95). I haven’t actually tried the peppermint flavour yet because I’m still working my way through the original one. I know I was hesitant about spending £24 on the Cocowhite sachets, but I think that because these scrubs last a lot longer and I felt so silky and rejuvenated after using even a third of a packet of the Frank scrub- it’s definitely more worth the money! I’m not sure how much you’re meant to use each time, but I have used half of a pack for two showers and kept the package sealed in between uses so that the granules don’t dry out.


I will definitely be ordering more of these when I finally run out of the ones I have; they also do a Cacao flavour and a Coconut flavour and I can imagine smelling like a mixture of these scents plus coffee will be an amazing combination!

Price: 7/10 – I think these scrubs are a little pricey however I’m willing to pay the extra cost for the quality of the product rather than with the Cocowhite product.
Packaging: 9/10 – They come in adorable, waterproof sealable packs and have Frank’s cheekiness in all of the writing so that you don’t feel too bogged down with reading
Delivery: 8/10 – The shipping is free within the UK if you order from the UK site rather than the Australian one and arrives in 2-5 days which I think is really good.
Effectiveness: 10/10 – I used this scrub after a particularly stressful day and even though I only used a little amount I came out feeling a million dollars!
Overall: 9/10 – I adore this product and will definitely be ordering it again and again because it’s perfect for pampering yourself after a long day, it smells gorgeous, and makes you feel amazing in your own skin! Thank you Frank!

Photo 22-05-2015 12 32 10

I hope you order these products so that you can try them out for yourself! This is just my personal opinion and you might completely disagree- I know people who love Cocowhite and hate Frank scrubs so it’s just a matter of personal preference I guess!

Daisy x


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  1. May 24, 2015 / 12:10 am

    That scrub really interests me. I wonder if they ship to Canada?

    • May 24, 2015 / 8:36 am

      If you go on their American site, shipping across the US is free and it’s $6 internationally x

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