Freedom | The End Of Year 1

Hello Lovelies!

I genuinely can’t believe it; I’ve finally finished my first year of uni!

After a shaky start in 2013, I ended up deferring my place at UCL for a year at the beginning of my second term and went back this January to finish what I’d started. I was so determined when I dropped out last year that I didn’t want to return full-stop, and even went into full-time work which I absolutely adored. I loved earning my own money rather than accumulating debt that I’d eventually have to pay back by working full-time anyway.

I’m really happy with my decision to return to university and at least get my first year finished; I hate not following through with something! Going back a year older gave me a different perspective on the whole university experience, and although I was placed in a house full of exchange students who won’t be here next year, I feel like I’ve really learnt a lot not just in terms of school work but actually interacting with other people- everyone in my house is American or Canadian and I never really knew much about either of these countries before now! Living in London has also given me such a great experience in terms of building my confidence and also my courage- it takes balls to walk down certain roads here at 2am and resist the urge to run screaming back home when someone crosses your path!


I’m not sure what my main point with this post is to be honest. I am just so relieved to have finished my final exam yesterday, to be moving home for a really good summer on Sunday, and mainly to have finally completed this seemingly never ending year. If anyone is considering whether to go to university my advice would be to just stick it out for a year; if you don’t like it then you can drop out, and even with a year’s experience in a subject you’ll have a better chance than someone a year younger coming straight out of school with just A-Level qualifications.

I would also say not to worry too much about a degree in terms of getting a job. I know loads of people who have gone into work from GCSE level, A-Level, not even having formal qualifications; they’ve worked their way up, used their connections to further themselves, and just fought for their place. I think if you’re just going to university to get a degree then there’s nothing wrong with that as it’s undeniable that you’re bound to succeed with that, however it shouldn’t be your sole reason and you shouldn’t stay there if you’re unhappy just to get that degree. It’s not worth it at all and I always consider how different my life would be now if I’d gone straight into work 2 years ago from completing my A-Levels.

I’m really looking forward to summer and having the time to actually put more effort into my blog and the content of the posts. Thank you for being so patient with me during the start up of this blog and the last month or so especially, as I’ve been so distracted with exams. Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that for a whole year now!

I am really grateful to everyone who has put up with my incessant whining and changing my mind about this, and for the experience in general. I am looking forward to September and seeing what the new term brings, whether I’m commuting from home or living in London still.

For now, have a beautiful weekend and for anyone who is still in the midst of their exams- keep going and good luck, it’ll all be over soon!

Daisy x


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