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Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been meaning to get around to this post for quite a while but just haven’t had time and wanted to make sure that I do my research for it thoroughly!

As you probably know, I love Instagram, I’m always on there stalking pretty feeds and getting jealous over impossibly beautiful people/beaches/food/cats… anything really! I wish life was as cute as most of the feeds I follow </3

So, this morning I went through the feeds I’m following and made a list of my current top 20. If anyone who follows me on Instagram at the moment is reading this, please don’t be offended if you’re not on here- my favourites list changes allll the time, I just can’t decide what my preferred aesthetic is! Generally I enjoy kind of travel/food/arty photos that have really nice composition and all match.

So, in no real specific order:


Photo 09-06-2015 12 34 53

To start off, this is perhaps a little biased to an outside perspective, but my boyfriend Tom has a really cool Instagram feed. He takes really edgy urban photos of graffiti or an old tree and just makes it all look so… cool. That sound so lame but we always have arguments about who is the best at editing or taking pictures, and between us; I think it’s him most of the time to be honest!

Photo 09-06-2015 08 29 25

He posts about one photo a week at the moment because he’s doing his exams at uni but when he’s at home there’s more to photograph so he’s going to be a lot more active from next week!


Photo 09-06-2015 08 27 24

Okay this is the last unfair one I promise! My best friend Kirsty’s Instagram has recently really hit it off and she’s in Egypt until next Thursday so I know she’s going to have plenty of holiday spam coming up- she’s the kind of person you love to hate because she posts so many throwbacks and it breaks my heart with holiday envy!

Photo 09-06-2015 08 30 03

Her feed is so pretty and has a theme of brown and cream neutral colours but still makes me so jealous of her life especially with all of the gorgeous coffees and cute chocolate cupcakes she’s always making!


Photo 09-06-2015 08 52 39

I’ve been following this lovely lady for a little while now and her feed is so beautiful! I love the composition of her photos and how most of the time she just uses minimal captions so you focus on the pictures themselves.

Photo 09-06-2015 08 53 03Give Christina’s feed a look here!


Photo 09-06-2015 09 01 31

This morning I was just having a little stalk, as is my usual morning ritual along with a coffee in bed, and fell in love with this feed again! I follow another lovely lady from Hobart, Australia which led me to Elizabeth’s feed, for which I’m eternally grateful!

Photo 09-06-2015 09 02 32

I adore the clarity and  colours of all of the photos, they’re postcard perfect- they just make me want to go back to Australia (can’t believe it’s already been a year since I was there!)


Photo 09-06-2015 09 07 15It’s not difficult to see why Fleur (what a beautiful name by the way) has 10,000 followers- her feed is just stunning. It’s full of gorgeous cookies and coffees and she’s active with posting outside of exam time, as are we all!

Photo 09-06-2015 09 07 23I love going through her feed and taking inspiration on how to compose my photos from these idyllic ones!


Photo 09-06-2015 09 14 06I really don’t know how this account doesn’t have hundreds more followers! Although it’s not really the kind of layout that I usually like, I love how the photos are still all matching and just the colour theme is gorgeous- pale and ethereal.

Photo 09-06-2015 09 14 12

Some of my favourite things about this account is the fact that you get adorable pet pug photos, her beautiful tattoos, plus I adore the name Luna so it’s a winner all round for me!


Photo 09-06-2015 09 20 34

I’ve been following Lauren on Instagram for about a year, maybe more, and I am still blown away by her photos. She has the perfect style, is amazing at makeup and makes the most gorrrrrgeous looking cupcake creations- it makes me hungry just looking at them!

Photo 09-06-2015 09 20 47 Lauren has a lovely blog over on Blogger on which she always puts up inspirational posts about her baking, beauty and fashion tips and also on having M.E- her posts have really opened my eyes and are so motivational!


Photo 09-06-2015 10 54 52

I absolutely adore Melanie and her cuuuuuuuute feed, this is one of the accounts that I’ve been lusting after in terms of what I want mine to eventually look like when I learn to take better photos.

Photo 09-06-2015 10 55 05

She takes gorgeous pictures, has the comfiest looking socks/bed ever, and her fringe is absolute goals! Her whole feeds feels like something out of an Urban Outfitters catalogue! Plus, Melanie has the most amazing voice and she posts videos of her singing and playing her guitar/piano on her Youtube channel here – listen, love, subscribe!


Photo 09-06-2015 11 01 46

Hannah is the other lovely lady that I follow from Hobart, Australia. I’ve been following her for quite a while, before she was married, and her whole lifestyle is so picturesque, just the kind that I’ve been dreaming of for years. The place where she lives reminds me of where I’d love to live and wear printed shirts and dungarees and go for cute coffees in indie little shops.

Photo 09-06-2015 11 01 52

I have wanted to move to Australia for years now and when I finally manage to do it after university’s finished, I’m definitely travelling to Tasmania because from what I’ve seen on these two Instagram feeds, it looks like a really beautiful and interesting city.


Photo 09-06-2015 11 10 22

I haven’t been following Eleanor for very long but I already love her feed! She also has a really really amazing blog here which is genuinely one of the best I’ve come across where she regularly posts about her adventures with beauty and life.

Photo 09-06-2015 11 10 28

My favourite things about it are the really lovely blue shades in lots of the photos and the gorgeous composition.


Photo 09-06-2015 11 16 48

Yet more fringe goals! Melissa has that whole Zooey Deschanel vibe about her with the dark hair, fringe, cute clothes and big glasses, I absolutely adore her look.

Photo 09-06-2015 11 16 58 I really like how well she suits tattoos and septum piercings and I especially love her Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket mug – plus she’s absolutely gorgeous!


Photo 09-06-2015 11 26 15

At the moment, Erin (who has a blog here) has so many gorgeous photos of Saudia Arabia as she’s on a 5 week holiday there, so her feed is actually the best thing for stalking and getting jealous over her sunny holiday pics.

Photo 09-06-2015 11 26 23

In fact, this seems to be a rather consistent theme with Erin’s feed- she always seems to be on some kind of holiday! That’s exactly the kind of feed I love; you don’t know what they really do or who they are but they always seem to be on holiday somehow and you can sit in bed scrolling through, wishing you were abroad.


Photo 09-06-2015 11 32 35

Catherine provides me with my daily dose of ‘pinkspiration’, her feed is so sparkly and pink and cute and I just love it so much! She is such a lovely person, I follow her on Twitter and she uploads sweet photos of all of the makeup she buys as well as on her Instagram.

Photo 09-06-2015 11 32 43Catherine has a blog over on Blogspot although someone has been impersonating her on a few fake ones so make sure you go to the right one as she puts in so much thought and effort with her posts and really makes them look so professional!


Photo 09-06-2015 11 37 51Yet another lovely lady that I follow who comes from Australia- do you see a pattern emerging?

Photo 09-06-2015 11 37 56

I love scrolling through this feed and making mental notes of all the places I want to go to and things I want to do when I eventually emigrate over there. Elly also has a tumblr account where she posts loads of cool photos; even the ‘My Posts‘ section look like the typical artsy tumblr pics that you’d find on there and try to pass off as your own with #inspo, she’s really really good!


Photo 09-06-2015 11 47 17I really like Erin’s feed, especially at the moment because she’s on travels in Italy and now Munich – so jealous!!! 

Photo 09-06-2015 11 47 25

All of her holiday photos are adorable, it looks like her and her boyfriend are having a really nice time travelling and it brightens my day to see their picturesque adventures!


Photo 09-06-2015 11 52 17

This account is my pastel pink and blue inspiration feed, I love it! Susannah takes the best photos of fashion, travel and has a really lovely blog which you can see here.

Photo 09-06-2015 11 52 25

Also, Susannah has just got a job at Harvey Nichols as a women’s clothes buying administrator so you can expect loads more fashion to come in the future on her account, I love it!


Photo 09-06-2015 12 00 32

I’ve recently started following Lulu. Above is her personal account, Mvchiatto (machiatto) which she follows back on and takes more personal photos that are less strict with theme but still kick ass.

Photo 09-06-2015 12 00 44Her other account, Esprvsso (espresso) is awesome, a whirlwind of aquamarine hair and crisp white bedsheets. I follow this one as well and love them both so much, it’s difficult not to ‘like’ every single photo and end up looking like a complete stalker!


Photo 09-06-2015 12 08 59

I can’t believe that Molly is only 13 and yet her feed is this amazing! She takes photos like a professional! Surprise surprise this is another account based in Australia- makes me so jealous because it’s Sydney and I want to go back there so badly after spending the summer in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane last year.

Photo 09-06-2015 12 09 04Molly also has a blog over on Blogger which you should take a look at as well!


Photo 09-06-2015 12 13 55First of all, can we all appreciate how awesome the name Brenda is? I love it! This account is like all of the pictures I attempt to take and how I imagine it will work out in my head but somehow mine look so staged and stupid, but Brenda’s look so cool!

Photo 09-06-2015 12 14 02I can imagine this being based in a little town like Malaga so it gives me constant holiday envy even though Brenda’s taking these from her hometown- some people just have all the best luck with these types of things!!

So those are my favourite accounts on Instagram at the moment and the ones from which I’m getting my inspiration for how to make my photos a bit better! My account is daisyashcroft if you wanted to take a look at that- please don’t judge how crappy it is compared to all of these gorgeous feeds above!

And to all of you lovely ladies (and Tom) – congratulations on having such amazing feeds!

Have a beautiful weekend!

Daisy x


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