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Hello Lovelies,

I had planned to write a review of Bondi Sands’ self-tanning lotion, however something stopped me in the application process- my new false nails. After getting loads of the brown goo under them and inherently staining the underside, I decided to forego the endeavour altogether for the time being until I could either get some help with doing it or getting some gloves (even with the application mitt on I was helpless!!)

This inspired me to do a quick little post in the meantime on nails; whether to go au natural or get gel/acrylic claws like me.

I’ve never been really good at being a ‘MUA’ girl. I mean, I adore pink, I always opt for a cat-eye liner and have been known to apply ELF highlighter when I want a bit of pepping up, but I’m god awful at all of this contouring business and have zero idea when it comes to brushes and wands etc. Although I’m learning very slowly, I will admit that my little luxury is getting my nails done.

There’s a shop near my boyfriend’s house that is run by a couple of little Chinese ladies and their son, who by the way are all geniuses with nails, so it’s really convenient to go there on payday and get my nails done. For £20 I can emerge from the salon with a new set of falsies that look perfectly manicured and painted and maintained for the next couple of weeks. Infills can be used instead of completely re-applying the nail although I do like to have them completely removed every few times I go in to give my nails a little break.


There are two choices; gel or acrylic. While acrylic nails are very strong and durable, gel nails will have a much more natural look to them albeit being more expensive to get done. I’ve decided to lay out the pros and cons of each type of nail style and give my personal opinion, and hopefully sway a few of you towards the glory of false nails!


Natural Nails;

  • These are obviously the cheapest and best for your natural nail beds as they won’t have any chemicals or harsh pressure on.
  • Nail maintenance is easy to do at home, just a few coats of primer and top coat can make all the difference if you don’t have the time/skills required for a full manicure.
  • Natural nails don’t make much of a statement and it can be difficult to maintain cuticles and smooth edges if you’re like me and not really that into all of that beauty lark. 


Acrylic Nails;

  • Acrylic nails are cheaper than gels to have applied and form a very strong layer on top of your existing nail which, when correctly applied, can last be very long  withstanding.
  • If you break an acrylic you will be able to fix it yourself at home with glue and the removal of acrylic nails is done by soaking them in a solution which is a lot nicer for the natural nail underneath.
  • Acrylics look less natural than gels and can actually create breeding grounds for fungi and bacteria if they tear away from the natural nail and oxygen gets between the layers.

Bio Sculpture French Nails

Gels Nails;

  • Gels look more natural and glossier than acrylics and the curing time is much faster.
  • The mixture used for gel nails lacks that distinctly sharp fumigated smell that comes with acrylics so it’s better for pregnant women and women who are sensitive to fumes- although I must admit that I love that acetone smell!
  • If you break a gel nail, self-repair is not advisable and a lot of damage can be done to the natural nail underneath so an appointment with the technician will have to be made; considering these nails are more expensive anyway, this is yet another cost that you’ll have to consider when choosing the nail type.

Personally I prefer acrylic nails; I have them for a few weeks until the colour varnish begins to chip or the infills are needed and then I have them completely redone every other visit to relieve some pressure on my natural nails. I am very careful with my nails and after the initial getting used to how to go about every day tasks with them, I find that having false nails alters the way I do everything, especially hand placement- it’s all much daintier and makes my fingers look longer. There are loads of shapes you can opt for; rounded tips, square tips, pointed tips. I hate square and normally opt for a round French manicure which is slightly more expensive as it takes more time, but this time I have gone for a pointed tip which has really elongated my fingers and looks really nice as a block colour- I’ve gone for a camel nude for the time being and will be changing the colour for a wedding in a few weeks.

I think that false nails are a lovely little luxury, cheaper than splashing out on top end makeup or a new haircut; within an hour you can completely alter your look and have something that really does make a difference to your confidence with very little upkeep at all. I don’t recommend the glue on ones that you can buy in shops such as Primark for £1 as they’re simply not as long lasting although for a quick fix up to your look on a night out then they can be quite handy (pardon the pun).

I hope that I’ve inspired some people to try out gels or acrylics, the choice really is yours and there are so many different colours and patterns; the whole experience is so much fun!

Have a lovely day!

Daisy x


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  1. August 12, 2015 / 5:39 pm

    Wait, they charge differently for different nail shapes? My moms charges are the same for all shapes, it’s just colour and design and gems that add up X

    • August 12, 2015 / 8:38 pm

      No they don’t charge different amounts for different shapes, I said that acrylics are less expensive than gels x

      • August 12, 2015 / 8:55 pm

        Oh okay, I just got a bit confused there. Sorry

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