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Hello Lovelies!

I’m sorry for leaving it so long since I last posted; I hadn’t scheduled any posts stupidly and I’ve been ridiculously busy lately with a bunch of stuff. I finally have a day off of work tomorrow so I’m going to draft a load more posts and that’ll help me stay on top of things. I’ve made a lot of positive changes, including deciding to stick to a routine now; Monday posts are going to be about lifestyle, beauty, reviews and that kind of stuff, and then I’ll post a recipe each Saturday- that’ll hopefully balance my posts out a little and let me settle into more of a routine! (Also, this post was meant to be up yesterday but I forgot to actually press ‘Publish’ and it was left sitting on my laptop all day, I’m such an idiot!)

I’ve decided to share my favourite Yankee Candles for the transition into the autumn months seeing as we’re already in September – how?!?!

I LOVE Yankee Candles as I’ve expressed before- I get through so many in such a short space of time. They all smell absolutely delightful, I’ve never come across a scent that I don’t actually like which is pretty amazing seeing as they have an endless variety.

My summer scents have been extremely fruity; last month I purchased a wax tartlet burner finally and got through my favourite summery scents such as Pineapple Cilantro, Bermuda Beach and Peach Smoothie. My room honestly smells so amazing right now even with all of them now in tiny little slithers of wax- the smells are so powerful still!


I got the wax burner from George at ASDA in the homeware section for £9 and it’s so pretty- white with lovely vine detailing engraved into the sides. You simply add a tealight at the bottom, light it and the tartlet melts at the top of the burner and releases the scent. You can then remove the tartlet when you’ve had enough of that particular one; the bottom stays really oily so you can just slip it off of the top, wash the surface of the burner and use another one! It’s so good!


I don’t have any autumnal-scented wax tartlets yet but I do have looooooads of votives- the ‘tester’ candles that you can buy for about £2 to try out before buying the full sized jar version. I prefer these because they’re a lot easier to store and are so much cheaper plus they just look so adorable!


imageMy favourite autumnal votives are scents that remind me of marshmallows around bonfires or sitting by a log fire with a lovely old book, a hot chocolate and a flannel shirt. At the moment I’m getting through;

  • Vanilla Honey
  • Vanilla Frosting
  • Toasted Marshmallow
  • Ginger Dusk
  • Honey & Spice
  • Cherry Vanilla (also a great one for Christmas and I do have the full sized jar)
  • Apple Spice Potpourri

I love spicy scents for this transition into autumn because they’re still quite fruity smelling and remind you of summer but they carry enough spice to bring you gently into autumn mode. In a few weeks I’ll start looking out for the Halloween and Pumpkin themed candles because they’re just too cute to resist, then soon we’ll be into Christmas mode! I have about 20 votives that are Christmas/Winter scented like Snowflake Cookie which is my absolute favourite Yankee Candle so I can’t wait to get them out!

I think candles are so lovely to have burning (safely) in your room while you’re working or reading, they release such relaxing scents and bring all sorts of memories and happy feelings into your head. I’ll always have a candle burning when I’m writing a blog post or doing uni work because I really find that they help me concentrate and relax my mind into a mode where I can completely focus on the work.

This was just a quick little post to get into the swing of things again and help transition into autumnal posts; I’ll be back later in the week with a lovely recipe that’s really going to get you into the fall mood!

Have a lovely day!

Daisy x


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    • September 8, 2015 / 10:24 pm

      Thank you, and they smell so lovely as well!!x

      • September 10, 2015 / 8:10 pm

        No worries. Check out my blog for restaurant tips and mini break ideas x

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