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Hello Lovelies!

Since I had my first week back at university last week and I was travelling over the weekend, I thought that I’d do a different type of blog post today; more like a diary sort of thing. I wanted to take a couple of nice photos each day and briefly explain what I’d been doing just so that you can get an understanding of my lifestyle and because it’s such a great excuse to take pics of coffees and hipster looking street art without feeling like a complete idiot. I’ve been writing this post daily to make it easier and also so I hopefully won’t be rambling as much so here we go!


Foto 5-10-15 9 33 45

Foto 5-10-15 10 35 33

Foto 5-10-15 10 37 57

It was my first day of uni so I tried to make an effort with my outfit- the Time Turner was a nice touch I think! You can get them and a range of other Harry Potter themed jewellery plus other items from Sprinkle of Silver; click here for the website link. In between my lectures I went to the Waterstone’s on Gower Street right opposite my university to browse their languages section and found a really lovely little cushioned bench in the sunlit window; a perfect hideaway to recline in with a book. They’re also decorating their children’s section and were making this wall when I went past, pasting pages from old books onto the wall. I love this effect and want to try and incorporate something similar into my room, maybe framing pages from my favourite books?


Foto 6-10-15 17 28 00

Foto 4-10-15 14 11 45

Foto 8-10-15 11 26 09

Tuesdays are one of my days off from uni so I spent today catching up on Italian Grammar work which may sound boring to some/most people but for me it was so lovely. I had a lie in, a leisurely breakfast while watching Suits (my latest boxset obsession) and then got down to work- I ended up doing about 5 hours in total! I love being productive even on my days off otherwise I just feel so lazy and it seems like a waste of a day to me; I like to cram as much stuff into each day as humanly possible! Even so, I did spend the majority of my day in my pyjamas to ensure that it wasn’t too much of a strain; well, you do have to find balance somewhere!!


Foto 7-10-15 13 58 10

Foto 7-10-15 11 23 38

Foto 7-10-15 11 25 35

I had class again until 1 today although thankfully this is the only day of my week that has a 9am start; I’ve really struck lucky with it all this term so I’m dreading next term with twice as much work to do! After my classes I went down to South Quay which is near Canary Wharf for a job trial at a coffee shop that has loads of different locations around London. It was so cool in there and I definitely could’ve seen myself working there- which is really handy as I got the job! Celebrated with my house by watching the Bake Off finale with snacks and fizzy wine, how civilised!


Foto 8-10-15 14 33 03

Foto 7-10-15 11 29 21

Today I didn’t have school until 4 which gave me time to do laundry and pack my stuff for my weekend away in Swansea- finally getting to see Tom! I baked some lovely dairy free banana bread (see the blog post for that here) and went to my lecture which thankfully was quite interesting so I didn’t mind the wait. Had my compulsory BarBurrito dinner at Paddington Station then finally got to Swansea at 10:30pm to a lovely surprise; Tom had bought us loads of wine and snacks (again, another night with these crucial items!!) which we promptly finished off!


Foto 10-10-15 17 22 17

Foto 9-10-15 21 14 02

I’ve never stayed in bed for so long before, damn Tom’s flannel sheets!! We didn’t wake up until 1 and finally crawled out of bed at 3 so we decided to spend the day watching films and chilling. In the evening I made a lovely dinner for us of enchiladas and cheesy nachos which I must say has to be one of my specialties because it was sooooo yummy! We hung out with his housemates and watched the SUTC Gogglebox which was really funny and then played Countdown which (of course) I lost terribly at.


Foto 9-10-15 13 37 26

Foto 10-10-15 16 53 39

Foto 10-10-15 16 42 48

We went for lunch at the Uplands Diner right near Tom’s house although I’m still not so keen on the place, then went for a long walk through one of the gorgeous parks in the area before heading into town for a little look around- I got 2 new H&M tops that are so perfect for autumn, I really love their prints at the moment! In the evening we went out clubbing to this really cool underground place and didn’t end up getting in til 6am so I was absolutely shattered but it was definitely worth it!

SUNDAYFoto 9-10-15 15 21 17

Foto 10-10-15 15 33 30

I was meant to go home in the evening but didn’t wake up until 3 so there was absolutely no chance of that happening. We got Chinese and watched X Factor which was so intense because of the 6 Chair Challenge rounds. I always get really down the night before I’m due to go home after spending the weekend with Tom because it’s really weird going from seeing each other pretty much every day at home to only once every few weeks at uni; I honestly don’t know what I’m going to be like on my year abroad then!

So that’s basically it, not a really interesting week for the most part but I did do quite a lot I guess. I’ve loved doing this blog post especially because it’s been progressional so I’ve written it once every few days while the ideas of how to word it all are still fresh in my mind rather than just once on Sunday night before it’s due to come out on Monday. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and I’m glad to have shown people an insight into my life rather than just plastering your feeds with recipes with dodgy photos etc; I’m definitely putting in a lot more effort to my blog posts lately and can see the rewards already!

Have a lovely week!

Daisy x


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