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I’ve had the busiest week and it’s only my second week back at uni. I’ve had to juggle my lectures, starting my new job and all the training for that, as well as my egg donation being well underway now. I’m on loads of hormones for the egg process which means that I’m constantly crying or getting really hot flushes then being freezing, then crying again and eating 50000 calories worth of sugary foods. It’s been so hard trying to keep healthy but I’m definitely making sure that I’m keeping down with the dairy as much as possible.

My new job is in Mayfair and the clinic for egg donation is on Harley Street which means that my journey home will always culminate in a trip to Oxford Street – oops! I haven’t had time to bake anything this week which I feel really bad about, but instead I decided to do a little post about some of the stuff I’ve been buying from H&M as it’s the brand I’m obsessed with lately!

Foto 18-10-15 19 13 24 (1)Foto 18-10-15 19 13 23Foto 18-10-15 19 13 25

The store in Oxford Circus is absolutely huge; with 4 floors, a lounge room for bored husbands/boyfriends and even a resident DJ playing on the ground floor! I’ve been going into there a couple of times within the last week as well as the one in Swansea when I went to visit Tom which is smaller but much easier to navigate.

I’m a skirts and dresses girl through and through, but since it’s getting colder I thought that I’d try and be more ‘adventurous’ and get myself wearing more jeans and trousers, so what I’ve been buying lately is top and shirts that I feel comfortable in and can be worn with black jeans and knee high boots (I recently bought some from George at Asda for £20).
Foto 18-10-15 19 13 24

H&M have a really lovely autumn/winter range in, I’m loving all of their prints and patterns and also the fabrics that they’re using for their clothes. I’m really picky about fabric and the feel of the clothes, I tend to stay away from certain fabrics that I know I won’t like the feel of against my skin especially during a long day when I’m out of the house and don’t have an opportunity to change. Being comfortable is my first priority when picking my outfits although I do make sure that I don’t look like I’m wearing a huge sack just for the sake of comfort!

Foto 18-10-15 19 12 44Foto 18-10-15 19 12 39Foto 18-10-15 19 12 34Foto 18-10-15 19 12 54

 I picked up this pretty green top in the Swansea H&M for just £7.99 which I think is an absolute bargain! I adore the pattern and the colour, it feels so appropriate for fall and although it’s a polyester material it’s so light and airy while still being thick enough to wear with just a coat- no need for 100 layers which is perfect for me at the moment with my carousel of body temperatures! Then the other day I found the same shirt but in a plain white in the Oxford Circus and immediately grabbed it. I love the simplicity of a plain white shirt, monochrome is never going to be ‘out of style’ so it’s a classically chic look with minimal effort! There are about 8 different designs of this lovely shirt but these two are my favourites by far.

Foto 18-10-15 19 13 12Foto 18-10-15 19 13 15Foto 18-10-15 19 13 05

In keeping with the monochrome theme, I also picked up this lovely striped top for £9.99 in the basics section. It’s very thick, a polyester/cotton/viscose mix, and feels really soft. I got this in a small/S which is my size and it’s an oversized style so it’s quite long on me, perfect for slouchy days where I still want to look semi-presentable! I love how the sleeves are stitched as turn ups at the 3/4 mark and that the back is slightly scooped and longer just to give it a little more detail.

Foto 18-10-15 19 12 49Foto 18-10-15 19 12 53Foto 18-10-15 19 13 03

When I was in Swansea I also got this adorable foxy top! I’m not overly sold on the fabric as viscose is one of the ones I tend to avoid- so easily creased and just a nightmare to maintain!- but the pattern is just too cute! It’s a lovely navy blue with tiny fox heads on and the back is buttoned to add a little bit of detail. This was just £12.99 and I wore it the day I got it because I was just too excited to wait- hence the creased sleeves as I washed it before taking all of my photos and absolutely hate ironing!

Foto 18-10-15 19 13 14Foto 18-10-15 19 13 13Foto 18-10-15 19 13 19

To compliment the tops I’ve bought and also my pre-existing wardrobe, I bought a simple black longline cardigan for £7.99. This cardigan also came in light grey which I was tempted to get but already had quite a few items in my hands and didn’t want to burn myself out in the first few trips! As you can see, this cardigan is really thin so it wouldn’t offer much warmth on a cold day but is really nice to layer up with.

Foto 18-10-15 19 13 04

Foto 18-10-15 19 13 01Foto 18-10-15 19 13 02

The other day I was on my way home from work and realised I don’t have any jumpers so I went in and immediately saw this beauty- I am such a sucker for a collar and I love the dark plum colour; instantly sold! This was £19.99 and also comes in grey which I have added to my birthday wishlist. It’s a little scratchy as the material is 100% acrylic but is nice and thick and warm for the winter winds so it’s a winner for me!

Foto 18-10-15 19 13 17Foto 18-10-15 19 13 18Foto 18-10-15 19 13 21Foto 18-10-15 19 13 20

This is my favourite buy of them all; my long-awaited bunny shirt! I saw someone wearing this on instagram a little while ago and swore that I’d find it and make it my own, but it took forever! Couldn’t find it in the Swansea store and freaked out thinking it had gone out of stock, but when I went into the Oxford Circus one I eventually found it somewhere on the 3rd floor. Even though I had quite a few bits already it was just meant to be so I didn’t even hesitate. I love the pearly button detail, the adorable print of bunnies frolicking around, the cute collar, and most of all the price- just £14.99! The colour slightly darkened in the wash, it’s more like a light grey rather than creamy white now, but that’s my fault as I didn’t realise all of my black socks were in with my lights; god laundry is such a drag!

Foto 18-10-15 19 12 23

Lastly are a couple of beauty bits. I didn’t realise that H&M had such a good little range of beauty products and am so excited to try these! As it’s getting colder, the winds are harsh to our lips and I always find that I’m using excessive amounts of lip salve and balm to try and protect them from chapping. I found these two products to help me combat this problem.

Foto 18-10-15 19 12 18

The first is a little overnight lip rescue which is almost like a thick lip gloss which you leave on overnight to help repair and revitalise your lips while you sleep. This is perfect for winter when you wake up with dry lips, throat, eyes- just waking up is hard enough in winter when it’s all dark and you think it’s still the middle of the night! That’s the only thing I dislike about this time of year. This little miracle product was only £6.99 and has no chemicals, colours and even no scent so if you get it on your bedsheets or pillows then you won’t have big smears everywhere.

Foto 18-10-15 19 12 29

I also got this lip primer which is great for making sure that my lipstick application is as smooth as possible. It smells like shea butter and comes in a darling little lipstick tube which fits perfectly in your makeup bag or even pocket when you’re out and need to reapply! This was also just £6.99 and I used it earlier before putting on some lipstick and the coverage seemed a lot smoother and more even when I had primed with this beforehand. I’m really excited to combine these two products and have lush hydrated lips even throughout the winter as chapped smackers are the worst!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, I really should do haul posts more often as I’m always shopping, it’s somewhat of a problem actually!!

Sorry that this is so late in the day but I’ve been absolutely swamped with work. My next post is going to be done on Tuesday which is my day off which gives me a little bit of time tomorrow to catch up on more work; oh the joys of university!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend!

Daisy x


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  1. October 19, 2015 / 10:53 am

    That rabbit shirt is beautiful, would look lovely with the collar peeking out of a jumper too, going to have to see if I can track it down 🙂 x

    • October 23, 2015 / 4:06 pm

      Yeah that’s how I’d style it as well, so cute!x

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