Written in the Stars | Christmas at Selfridge’s!

“A department store should be a social centre, not merely a place for shopping” – Harry Gordon Selfridge.

Hello Lovelies!

I decided to forego my usual pattern of blogging this week as I had a really special post to do tonight that just couldn’t wait until Monday; so after a little bit of shuffling around here it is!

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There’s always a huge sense of anticipation with shops and their Christmas window displays, especially in London/on Oxford Street where they go above and beyond to bring a little bit of festive magic to their shoppers. Selfridge’s in particular are famous for their extravagant window displays,  having employed experts to hand craft these works of art since 1909 when the flagship in London opened. This year, the very same flagship store has paved the way into the Christmas period for the retail industry, being the first shop in the world to unveil their Chtistmas display as of yesterday!

Foto 23-10-15 17 14 12GeminiFoto 23-10-15 17 14 32Aries
Foto 23-10-15 17 14 34TaurusFoto 23-10-15 17 14 31

The theme this year while not glaringly festive is still absolutely breathtaking to see; astrology and cosmic energy, focusing on starsigns and what they symbolise. Each window has its own amazing starsign display, a vision which has been in the making since September of last year, with the crafters taking courses in astrology and physics to help with the recreation of these celestial masterpieces. Each window has its own theme relating to the starsign and what it symbolises, with mannequins adorned with headdresses by famous designers and the most spectacular outfits.

Foto 23-10-15 17 14 33LeoFoto 23-10-15 17 14 26VirgoFoto 23-10-15 17 14 28LibraFoto 23-10-15 17 14 29

While it’s not a very traditional Christmas theme, it’s certainly reflecting the modernisation of society and looks absolutely stunning at night- although I took my photos during the day because I didn’t have time to stay there until it got dark despite how much I wanted to! Inside they’ve also decorated each floor with little touches that reflect the theme of the window displays (such as an Astrology lounge doing cosmic readings!) as well as the traditional green garlands embellished with tiny fairy lights. There are still more to  come inside as well as outside of the store, and as the main Christmas lights on Oxford Street are illuminated from the 1st of November  we’ll have to wait until next weekend for it to get that little bit more magical.

Foto 23-10-15 17 14 15

Foto 23-10-15 17 14 17

Foto 23-10-15 17 14 09

Foto 23-10-15 17 14 07

Foto 23-10-15 17 14 13

Foto 23-10-15 17 14 08

It’s just simply an amazing piece of art, you can see the hundreds of hours of labour that’s gone into the design and set up of each and every part of this year’s display as with every year before it; I honestly wouldn’t like to know how much it all costs!!

Foto 23-10-15 17 14 25
PiscesFoto 23-10-15 17 14 20SagittariusFoto 23-10-15 17 14 24ScorpioFoto 23-10-15 17 14 22AquariusFoto 23-10-15 17 14 18

It really isn’t any wonder Selfridge’s is voted the best department store in the world, and I for one cannot wait to see what else they and all the other shops have in store for us this Christmastime!

Have a lovely weekend,

Daisy x


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  1. October 23, 2015 / 7:40 pm

    All the pictures look wonderful. Need to take a trip to Selfridges after work some time! X~O

    • October 24, 2015 / 10:45 am

      They’re even more beautiful in real life and I can only imagine how they look at night!x

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