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Hello Lovelies!

Two posts in one week AND they’re both on time, I’m really spoiling you guys! You can definitely tell that I’ve finished school because my free time is spent writing up blog posts instead of procrastinating and feeling bad that I’m not doing uni work!

Today’s post is all about my summer plans, and as you can probably tell from the title- my upcoming YouTube channel! I’m honestly so excited for this that it’s really difficult to stop myself from just diving straight into it now, but I’ll somehow try to restrain myself…

My ‘summer holiday’ this year is 4 months long which is absolutely mental considering I used to have only 6 weeks during high school and thought that was bloody ages! I don’t start my semester in Spain until mid-September, giving me so much time to enjoy London as I’ll be carrying on living up here until I move abroad. So, I am planning on getting the most out of my time here and want to go to all sorts of events like the Pride of London Parade for Gay Pride, The Udderbelly Festival, Notting Hill Carnival etc. Then I had an amazing idea of how to document these events rather than solely through my journal or writing blog posts- by starting weekly YouTube vlogs!

I’m definitely not the Zoella kind of girl; a chirpy, peppy, fresh-faced little bean who can sit in front of a camera and gab away about what brand of lipstick she’s enjoying lately. I don’t even have that much interest in makeup and beauty products outside of the range of brands which I already use on a daily basis. No, instead I’m going to be filming during the week, Monday through to half of Saturday (depending on social plans that day) and then edit and upload the whole thing on the Sunday. I don’t want it to be cheesy, but a cool way to store memories from my experiences in London, and then carry it on for my Year Abroad which is why I was considering doing it in the first place- I’ll be doing a blog post on the Year Abroad next month when things are more finalised by the way in case anyone is confused or curious.

I understand that YouTube vlogs take a lot of commitment and that it might be the case that nobody watches them, but I honestly just want to make them for fun at the moment and don’t mind all the other stuff that comes with it, just the same as when I started this little blog. Friends and family have been supportive which is always a huge confidence boost, and I believe that knowing that I’ve got to produce a somewhat interesting 10 minute video each week will push me to get out there and experience my city- especially when I move away as I’m very prone to holing my anxious little self away in new situations.

I’m starting filming on the week starting the 23rd of May (tomorrow), which gives me a week to just work full time at my coffee shop and have a break from school and everything else. The first video will be uploaded on Sunday May 29th at around 7:00pm, although I’m not entirely sure how long it’ll take to edit a week’s worth of footage. If anyone has any tips on vlog/video editing, please leave them in a comment below and I’d be really appreciative! I’ll be back next week with another Coffee Shop Review on Wednesday and a May Favourites on Saturday- which are already written and scheduled because I have that much time on my hands this week, absolutely mental!

Daisy x


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