Coffee Shop Crawl: The Quince Tree Cafe

Hello Lovelies!

Last week, I visited two coffee shops when I had the time in between work shifts. The first was Monocle in Marylebone and the second was The Quince Tree Cafe at Clifton Nurseries in Maida Vale- one of my favourite areas of London, it’s so beautiful plus my favourite movie of all time is set here; About Time (if you haven’t watched it yet then I beg you, please do… with some tissues because you’ll cry for sure, it’s beautiful).

I absolutely love garden centres, nature parks, indoor plant areas- anything that I can wander around snapping photos or getting lost in nature and letting my senses run wild, I’m all about that. This place absolutely blew me away and I’ll definitely be coming back here to feature it in my vlog because I want to capture the beauty of this centre to watch again and again.

Located on Clifton Villas, within a 2 minute walk from the Warwick Avenue tube station, the nursery is unassuming and you wouldn’t even realise it was here if you were driving by. Then when you walk down the small pathway, you’re hit with a sensory overload- the smell of leaves, the bright colours of all of the flowers and plants, the sound of workers moving terracotta pots around and gravel crunching underfoot. I genuinely walked around this place not knowing where to look or what to photograph next- the selection of pictures I have here are honestly so cut down from my initial haul!

My favourite little bit of the nursery is the farm shop in the fern room which is linked with the Quince Tree Cafe. This cute brick building is covered in ivy and was in it’s second day of business when I visited, although you really couldn’t tell from looking at it because everything was absolutely pristine and so cute!  There are so many different jams, homeware, chutneys, COLOURFUL STRIPED PASTA, healthy treats- the urge to spend all of my student loan in there was unbelievable!

Moving on to the Quince Tree Cafe itself- what can I say that can sum up how gorgeous this place is?! There is outdoor and indoor seating available, but if you can find a table (before the lunch rush at about 1) then I’d definitely recommend sitting inside because it’s so pretty! It has French rooftop garden vibes, with delicate wrought iron chairs, elegant little pussy willow vases on the walls and windows, and the most picturesque view of the rest of the garden centre. It’s so light and airy inside but perfect shelter from the colder weather, which as it started raining during our visit was a bonus!

In terms of coffee quality, the Americano is extremely classic and rich in flavour, with so many different chocolatey notes coming through with each sip. I particularly enjoyed the basil and lemon tea from TeaPigs, and the prices are all really reasonable for such a prestigious area of the city. There are also a selection of teas available as well as cakes and confectionary, although I’m struggling on with my half-assed Paleo diet so had to resist the temptations- *sigh*.

I really cannot say enough about this place, it’s the kind of place that is accessible to so many different types of people. I could equally bring my grandmother, my best friend or a potential business client here and know that each time my company would enjoy themselves in different ways. The staff are amazing, although due to the busy nature of the cafe during the lunch rush, it was hard to get the attention of the wait staff at times. However this definitely doesn’t mar my opinion of the place- I’m absolutely and irrevocably in love with it.

Price: 7/10
Coffee Quality: 8/10
Overall Experience: 8/10
Wifi: Yes
*Dog Friendly (Outdoor Seating)*

This is genuinely one of my favourite posts that I’ve written so far in the time that my blog has been active! I had so much fun writing it and taking the photos, which really reaffirms the reasons why I’m keeping this blog in the first place and makes me so happy with what I’m doing.

Daisy x


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