Coffee Shop Crawl: Biscuiteers Notting Hill

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I hope you all liked my previous post on my May Favourites- I haven’t done beauty related content in ages and want to get more into that because I love making those kinds of posts look all pretty!

This week I’ve been cramming in as much time as possible with my best friend as she leaves for New York in a few days as sadly her Year Abroad here is coming to an end. It’s an end of an era! We’ve been getting some last minute sightseeing and socialising done, and over the weekend went to Notting Hill after watching the film (for the 100th time for me, the first for her).

On our coffee shop tour list for ages has been Biscuiteers, a biscuit boutique and icing cafe on one of the quaint roads behind the main market on Portobello Road, so we decided to finally get over there.

First of all, can I just say that this is one of the most beautiful shop fronts that I have ever seen in my entire life!? I am a huge sucker for monochrome, stripes, cute cursive fonts, gold letting… this shop is like a Parisian fairytale even from the outside. I spent so long taking photographs and fawning over it that I didn’t realise Bianca had gone inside ages ago!

Then you get inside and you’re transported to the sweetest (literally) little world of bright colours, whimsy and icing. I genuinely didn’t know where to look first! There are shelves and stacks and displays of the most gorgeously intricate iced biscuits. I’m a huge custard cream fan but have never really been into all of this icing malarkey, however I wanted to spend every penny in my bank account on these gorgeous biscuits!

You can buy pre-made boxes for every occasion such as asking someone to be your bridesmaid, London Paris or New York themed boxes, even celebrating the Chelsea Flower Show! These boxes are quite pricey, around the £20-40 mark, but would make such a unique present and the attention to detail in each biscuit is just remarkable.

 I love the little biscuit lollipops too, god my children would be so fat if I ever came here with them… everything is so irresistible! We stayed for coffee, and even that was so delicious as if it was really homemade and you were sitting in a friend’s little nook. My soy latte in particular was really creamy and delicious, but absolutely huge so I struggled to finish! We also tried two of the individual biscuits that you can purchase in the cafe for £3 each; there’s even a gluten free option to make you feel better about all of the sugar in them, which I got (flower pictured below)

The lovely lady behind the counter was so kind and took the time to help us making our decisions with what souvenirs to purchase which I really appreciated as she didn’t try to push the most expensive items off on us. I ended up buying 3 Jolly Gingers for my boyfriend and two of my friends back home as gifts, and the packaging is absolutely out of this world- great marketing! I’m putting the little bag in a black frame and hanging it on my wall as it’s so sweet and hand-drawn: I spent ages staring at it on the tube home!

For the aesthetic factor, this is definitely my favourite cafe that I’ve visited so far on this tour, although I’m not sure that it can be counted as a coffee shop because the main selling point here is the biscuits. You can even get icing classes or have birthday parties here- I know where I’m having my 22nd then; flying back to the  UK from Spain for a sweet icing class!

Price: 6/10
Coffee Quality: 9/10
Overall Experience: 9/10
Wifi: Yes

If you’re in the Notting Hill area then Biscuiteers is definitely worth a visit for the novelty factor and the aesthetics alone, I’ll be going back soon for sure! It’s the kind of cute place you’d take friends or family who are visiting London to show off how sweet and unique it is, like so many other places around the city. I am so happy that I’m doing this little tour and will be continuing even after Bianca flies home just to get out and see more of the city.

My first vlog is up on my Youtube in case anyone wanted to check it out- the link is here. It’s my first creative project using the computer and as I am completely useless with technology, I don’t think it went that badly to be honest! I’m excited for the next one to come up on Sunday evening again; make sure you look out for it!

Daisy x


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