Coffee Shop Crawl: Knockbox Coffee

Hello Lovelies!

I recently purchased the 2016 London Coffee Guide to help with finding cool coffee shops around the city for this series of posts, and took a spontaneous trip to Bloomsbury where my university is to find Knockbox Coffee on Lamb’s Conduit Street. I love this area of London; all of the shops are so quaint and Lamb’s Conduit Street in particular is really lovely.

According to my guide, Knockbox is owned by Mete Dogrul, a Turkish businessman who designed and created the furniture and fittings in the shop with meticulous attention to detail.

The shop is very tiny but feels spacious given the noticeable lack of seating. There are several benches snaking around two walls of the shop plus a small bar in front of the coffee machine, but the majority of seating is outside with two large bench tables offering room for around 12 people between them. I can just imagine how beautiful it will be in the summer/early fall, sitting outside among the trees, watching the world go by on this quiet street.

I love the bright orange feature wall which matches the takeaway cups (and my lipstick at the time!) and the variety of pastries and savoury options. As always, I opted for a small soya latte and though the lack of latte art was slightly disappointing, I actually felt like it was more home-prepared than a posher coffee shop with rosettas flying here there and everywhere over the coffees. Knockbox use Workshop coffee beans for their espresso, and although I haven’t particularly enjoyed this at other shops, I really loved the creamy texture to the Knockbox coffee- perhaps the different brand of soy milk makes all the difference!

I also had an egg and cheese toasted wrap which had roasted tomatoes, basil and pesto in it- veggie heaven if you ask me! It was quite pricey for £4 especially considering I took the egg out because there was quite a lot of it in there, but it was very delicious all the same.

Overall I enjoyed my time here, although I’d probably takeaway next time as the coffee was lovely but the shop itself is small and very warm!

Price: 6/10
Coffee Quality: 7/10
Overall Experience: 6/10
Wifi: Yes

I’ll be back on Saturday with a really exciting post- I’ve collaborated with an international florist and can’t wait to receive a beautiful bouquet from them! Stay tuned for plenty of floral pics once more!

Daisy x


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