Lonely Magpie Jewellery Haul!

Hello Lovelies,

So earlier in the week I received a lovely package from Lonely Magpie, an independent jewellery company based in Leeds whom I’ve followed on Instagram for years. Each piece in the collection is so cool and pretty, I’ve got a couple of things that I often wear from there but all of the new stuff just keeps getting better and better in my eyes!

I’m not going to go into long descriptions about each product, as the website is really detailed and tells you basically everything that you need to know- you can find a link to the big cartel site here. There’s almost always special promotions like money off, free delivery, or receiving a mystery item for free, so keep updated via the gorgeous Instagram feed for promotion codes etc.

Mandala Night Sky Choker – £5.99

This has been one that I’ve been wearing almost every day since I bought it. I love the simplicity of the design yet the mandala is so beautiful and intricate, and the perfect size to fit in the middle of my throat when wearing it. It goes with everything and really sets off an outfit, especially a white top.

Lucky Buddha Bracelet – £3.99

Amethyst Elephant Choker – £3.99

Tribal Sun Collar – £6.99

I have also been wearing this necklace constantly when not wearing the mandala choker. I’ve had quiet a few compliments on it, although I will say that it’s really annoying when the clip and fastener slide around to the front of the necklace because it’s hard to tell what is what when you’re trying to rearrange without a mirror!

Little Lotus Anklet – £7.99

I bought this anklet twice so that my friend Bianca who moved back to America last week could have a matching one with me- she’s really into anklets, although she does live in a country where it’s 20 times hotter than the drizzly old UK so of course she’s going to have her skin out more anyway! I adore lotuses, as I have the same design as this anklet in a tattoo with a bit of dot work on my left elbow.

Dainty Moon Bracelet – £3.99

Tiny Buddha Bracelet – £3.99

All of the products from Lonely Magpie are handmade and you can tell that a lot of love goes into them because they all look so professional! I’m a bit disappointed that I paid for gift wrapping which includes lovely rose buds and pink paper with twine, however it doesn’t change my opinion of the brand and I’ll definitely be ordering again when they have more new stock in!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far and look out for my second video coming out Sunday evening on my Youtube channel!

Daisy x


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