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Hello Lovelies,

Golly isn’t it warm lately! It’s funny how when England experiences any sort of heatwave, everyone complains about the weather- as opposed to grumbling about how cold it is! I’ve been soaking up as much sun as possible in between working as I don’t doubt that within a few days it’ll be rainy and bleak again!

So today I wanted to share with you a little bit about how I stay organised. As you all know, I have a full time job at the moment, as well as being a university student and having an increasing social media presence- with Instagram, my blog, and working with Hype to help people find cool things to do around London. This means that my days are usually so packed with stuff that not having it all planned out would be catastrophic and knowing me I would end up crumbling into a little sobbing pile on the floor.

The main way I keep organised throughout the weeks is with my FiloFax which is basically my entire world- to most people they’re pretty old fashioned but I just don’t go anywhere without mine and it saves me from getting mixed up with plans etc. I keep social plans in here as well as a rough guide to what should be appearing on my social media channels, just so that I can keep control over every aspect of my life in one little handy book.
In order to space things out a bit, I do make a ‘to do’ list for the week and  include things from ‘laundry’ to ‘film ___ video’ to ‘change bedsheets’- anything that needs to be done during the week will go onto a big list and the gratification that comes from ticking things off once they’re completed is just amazing!

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In terms of blogging, I like to keep a separate blog planner to really get it clear in my mind when I will be posting content and how up to date with scheduling I am here.

I have recently been loving the Paper Chic Co website – link here – and was sent a gorgeous blog post planner which allows you to stay on top of all of the factors that come with blogging; the content, posting to your social media platforms, whether it’s sponsored or not. All of these things are really important and having cute printed planners like these really help me to stay organised and calm when it comes to writing blog posts, especially during busier periods in my months.

For my vlog I keep another separate planner just to allow me to visualise what is going on in the week in terms of content for the videos, as some days might be completely blank and others will be full of plans. I like to keep my days fairly even with the content posted but it is hard when I have to fit this around my full time job as I don’t want my videos to be too monotonous.

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You can use this weekly planner for anything, from meal plans to work schedules, but I find it just really helps to keep things clear and separate which helps me to visualise the week ahead. I bought this planner from Paperchase for £12 – you can find it here.

Many people say that they would love to start a YouTube channel or a blog, and have a real passion for whatever they would like to write or vlog about, but that they aren’t organised enough. I believe that organisation is really easy when you have the right stationery and it isn’t hard to keep on top of things if you attempt to compartmentalise your days and whatever commitments you may have. I used to be really rubbish at keeping track of things and would often let things get on top of me which really didn’t help with my anxiety at all, but now I feel like I have a good system of staying organised with all of the various aspects of my life- you just need to find a system that works for you!

I hope you’re staying cool in this heatwave, especially if you’re in stifling old London like me!

Daisy xxx


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