Skegness Seaside Getaway | PhotoSet

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome back to my mini series of photo sets! I really enjoyed the last post about my Cotswolds Getaway; it was nice to visit my mum and siblings and escape to the countryside. Today I’m back with another set of pictures from my little visit to my Grandma’s village in Lincolnshire. My Grandma lives in Burgh Le Marsh, a small village just outside of Skegness which is a popular seaside town- like the Northern version of Southend (but not as good, obviously!)

I’ve been travelling to my Grandma’s on my own via train for the past couple of years; well, since I started uni in London where it’s just a couple of hours journey! I love travelling anywhere by train, there’s something so peaceful about sitting in the window, looking out at the city slowly transforming into countryside fields and hills, letting your stresses melt away with the changing scenery… There’s always something to look out at, and despite it being quite stressful with 2 train changes that never really seem to coincide their timetables that well (often ending in me running like a mad woman from one platform to the other) I far prefer travelling here by train than via car as the rest of my family do.


I normally spend between 4 days to a week in Burgh during the Easter or Summer holidays and my days pass in the same sort of way; spending time sunbathing in the warm conservatory, walking around the village, playing bingo with my grandma’s friends and going to their local clubs- I don’t mean raves, more like Luncheon Club where you get a hot meal and plenty of old biddy stories. But I love it! It might seem like I’m turning into a boring old lady at the age of 21, but I don’t care. It’s so nice to come to this sleepy little village for a few days and immerse myself in crafts club and roast dinners.

I never come away from Burgh feeling like I’ve wasted a week of my life, although I do feel relieved to be going back to the city in a way- I crave the impersonal nature of a densely populated capital compared to everybody knowing each other in a small village such as Burgh. You can’t walk two feet without falling into a conversation with someone, and gossip covers the village like wildfire thanks to the infallible network of nosey oldies!

Over the last year or so, Tom has started to come with me to see my Grandma, and he loves it just as much as me but for completely different reasons- he can finally show off for all of the doting, flustering old ladies! They absolutely love him, bless. It’s so nice to share a part of my life with Tom like this, and I am so grateful that my grandparents and older members of family are around at this stage in my life because it means I can really make Tom a part of my family and get him to meet and love everyone. I feel like “Grandma Windmill” as I call her (because her village has a huge windmill in the middle of it) is a sort of surrogate grandmother figure for Tom- making roast dinners, forever plying us with crisps and sandwiches and fruit, sending £5 in a card at Christmas.


I really enjoyed my little break with my Grandma, and can’t wait to visit her again soon!

Lots of Love,
Daisy xxx


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