Vlaugust Summary

Hello Lovelies,

So I’m here today officially able to say that I’ve completed Vlaugust! I mean, I had finished filming the videos by the 10th of August which was such a huge weight off of my shoulders, but the whole thing is over now as we have reached the end of the month!

I really loved thinking of all of the video themes, although finding the time to film and edit 31 videos around my hectic work schedule was really difficult and sometimes required me to film 3-4 per day with multiple outfit changes. My poor little laptop would overheat so much as two videos would be exporting as two were uploading to YouTube and I was manically creating thumbnails- which I can now make in under 5 minutes by the way!

Overall, I enjoyed the challenge of creating a video for every day. Although some people might say that I “cheated” as they were filmed quite far in advance, I still had to be just as creative and think of content, edit well, put in the effort and not pull my hair out with worry when the videos actually went live!

I’m going to be doing Blogtober, and the same thing is happening; throughout the end of August and most of September I will be writing blog posts, or at least the bare skeleton of them, and then adding the rest of the content and photos at a later date. I feel like it’s best to stay on top of these things and make sure that you’re reducing the amount of stress especially if you have a busy and hectic schedule like I do.
I’ll be moving to Spain on the 7th of September, when my everyday baking recipe mini series ends (Baketember), and from then on it’ll be full steam ahead for the Blogtober posts. I’m not sure if I’ll post much during September, maybe generic posts like reviewing beauty products, but given that I’ll be doing 31 posts throughout October and am going to be pretty busy moving to a new country, I think I can allow myself a couple of weeks break!

Thank you to everyone who watched my Vlaugust videos and watches my weekly vlogs- they will be continuing as normal no matter what my schedule is like because I just love making them so much!

Lots of Love,
Daisy xxx


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