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So the “alternative diet” lifestyle is really kicking off lately, with almost every other shop offering dairy free options, gluten free foods and catering towards all sorts of dietary requirements. It seems that in London there’s a restaurant that caters for absolutely everyone’s needs, and that’s why I love going out to discover new places there. However since coming to Granada I’ve noticed a distinct lack of these kinds of places, with everyone being so big on carbs and meat over here that you just wouldn’t imagine these kinds of diets existing within the culture.

I managed to find a few little specialist places on my rambling walks around the city though, including a couple of gluten free bakeries and a few vegan restaurants! I decided to go to the nearest vegan restaurant to my apartment and try it out!

Hicuri Art Vegan restaurant is located in Realejo-San Matias, which is near the Jewish Quarter in Granada. There are plenty of winding cobbled streets in this area and as you walk further and further uphill, the architecture somehow gets even older plus you’re near the Alhambra Palace which itself is stunning!

What I really like about this restaurant is that it’s also a vegan shop, and you can buy a variety of dairy free products such as milk- hazelnut, oat, soya, coconut, almond… I honestly was so excited at this prospect and will definitely be coming back to get a few groceries soon!

The interior decor of the place is really cool, with all of the hand-crafted lampshades resembling vegetables of some kind and vines painted on the walls, this restaurant looks like a converted greenhouse! Not to mention the amazing murals on several of the other walls!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The service was initially quite slow, then again there were a few people already seated when we arrived and I have noticed that the Spanish waiters do not work well under pressure, so be prepared for a little bit of chaos if you go anywhere even remotely busy! However the staff were very friendly and helpful, especially with my friend who has a lot of intolerances, plus the menu clearly labelled all of the foods for their allergens which I appreciated as most places you’ll encounter in Spain don’t bother with that stuff, and the waiters don’t seem to fully understand the concept of ‘gluten free’.

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After we had ordered, the food came very quickly which was surprising, and it was so delicious. I ordered the tamari tofu with sesame mushrooms, vegetables and brown basmati rice. My friend Rosalyn chose the ratatouille with veggie sausages, and we each got coffee- mine with oat milk and hers with soya.

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Our meals were extremely flavoursome although a little salty, and came on the prettiest floral plates. I loved the garnish to add extra colour to an otherwise bland looking dish, and despite the overall look of the meal it really was delicious. Somehow we found room for dessert as I really was curious about the cheesecake, and I am so glad that I ordered it because it’s changed my life!

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Can we just appreciate how pretty this is please???!!

I had this gorgeous dairy free raspberry cheesecake with a nut base and agave nectar & poppyseed drizzle which gave me tiny foodgasms every time I put some in my mouth. Even my friend Rosalyn who admitted she wasn’t a cheesecake fan at all was surprised at how rich and delicious it was! I am definitely trying to make this at home, although it is extremely sweet so I do not want to know how much sugar it contains! Probably not good for my waistline…

Overall I am really happy with this little find, and will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants something a little different from the usual meat and carbs overload you normally find in Spanish restaurants. The food is freshly prepared, staff are extremely helpful and speak English as well as Spanish, although the Queen mixtape playing in the background was slightly questionable!

From me this place gets a solid 8/10- the downfalls were the lack of wifi, slightly crazy service at the beginning and the close proximity of the tables so it feels like you’re joining the people next to you! However I am glad to see alternative diets getting a fairer representation in smaller cities like this and hope to see more restaurants pop up in the future!

See the full website here – http://www.restaurantehicuriartvegan.com/english/

Lots of Love,
Daisy xxx


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