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This was an unexpected post in the sense that I was actually going to write about my tips for living/studying abroad. However, I felt like I wanted to express what I’ve experienced so far so that you can read it and decide for yourself what you want to take away from this as advice.

In all honesty, so far it’s not what I was expecting. Every year at university, I spend the first month or so just floating around in a sort of limbo, unsure of whether this is what I want or not. To be completely truthful, if I had the choice of earning money through social media now then I wouldn’t complete my degree. I have 2 years done, I would choose to do the final year at an open university in my hometown or relocate to London and do it part time alongside the blogging. However as that’s definitely not an option right now, I’m doing my degree as a form of stability, a fallback in case my blogging plans don’t pan out right and I need to be an adult with a degree and a stable job… boo!

So yes, I’ve had this same anxiety at the start of my year abroad placement, although it’s been worse given that I’m in a foreign country, none of my friends or family are really here, my university is extremely badly organised so I don’t have any real structure yet… it’s not helping my pre-existing stress and anxiety at all!

I have tried to throw myself into this, and for the most part I think I’ve succeeded. I have made friends with my flatmates, gone to a few classes, survived the baking heat and managed to explore the town I’ll be living in for the best part of 6 months… it just doesn’t feel right yet. I can’t tell what it is, maybe because I’m used to living in huge city like London compared to this place… I honestly cannot place it. I feel like I’m going through the motions to please others and fulfil their expectations of my experiences here, rather than doing it to benefit myself.

It’s true what they say; absence makes the heart grow fonder. I definitely connect with this phrase when I go back home and realise how much I adore my small seaside town, or think back to living in London and get all the nostalgia feels. I look forward to holidays and time away from Granada purely for stimulation for my brain; I’m always on the search for the next adventure.

The good news is that by February I’ll be going back home for 2 weeks before moving onto Rome… and then it will all be over. There’s no point in really getting hung up on dislike the place or wishing I was somewhere else, I need to have this experience and I’m grateful for the opportunity to improve both of my languages and actually get to live in Spain and Italy. At the moment though, it’s all just a bit difficult and I get disheartened when I see what a carefree and amazing time everyone else is having on their year abroad…

Lots of Love,
Daisy xxx


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  1. October 12, 2016 / 2:45 pm

    I’m thinking about moving to a different country for 6 months to a year with my daughter. I think it will be a great experience. Maybe I’ll just visit places for like two weeks or so. Start off small. Studying abroad has always been something I wanted to do in college however, although I probably won’t be able to. However, I’m glad you are taking the chance. Things will turn around. Good luck and congrats on your journey!

    • October 13, 2016 / 5:58 pm

      To be honest, I would totally recommend it if you’re going with someone else. The reason why I am so unmotivated with this whole thing is because I am on my own and don’t do well when I feel isolated. It’s a beautiful thing to live abroad and would be such an incredible gift for your daughter. I have lived in South Africa and Canada for 6 months to a year each and it really enriched my formative years so I’d definitely say to both of you go to!xx

      • October 13, 2016 / 6:12 pm

        That sounds like an amazing experience!

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