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What does my perfect weekend morning consist of? I’ll paint you a picture; lying in bed while the sunshine streams through the window, sipping black coffee in my favourite Anthropologie mug, scrolling through Instagram while my boyfriend watches tv. It’s so peaceful, our little bubble of tranquility before starting the busy day ahead. I’ll be blogging or organising something, Tom will be doing computer programming work (or pretending to, really he’s playing video games and procrastinating), so we try to savour the calmness of the morning.

I scroll through my feed several times a day, but my favourites are in the morning when I wake up and just before I go to sleep. I love seeing what people are getting up to, how creative some people can be with their photos, and looking wistfully at photos of indulgent but beautiful food or amazing panoramic views around the world. I use Instagram as a creative outlet but also take inspiration from so many others and I thought I’d share a couple of my favourite accounts today.


Okay, I’m being complete biased here but my best friend has the most fantastic feed ever. Of course, I try to claim the credit as I helped teach her about editing and feed consistency, but Bianca has just gone above and beyond and created this absolutely perfect gallery of photos that reflect her life in New York. I am so proud/jealous every time I see her upload another great photo of her experience in advertising, sampling amazing foods from her Austrian/Japanese heritage or going on road trips to sleepy harbour towns. It also helps that she’s one of the nicest and craziest people I’ve ever met- if you’re reading this then hello my little bean, I miss you!!


I started following Imii last year while she was studying in Paris as part of her year abroad, and she gave me serious envy of the fact that I didn’t choose French at university! So many gorgeously picturesque snaps of the city! Even now that she’s moved back to the UK, Imii’s feed remains consistent in the quality of her photos. As she’s slightly ahead of me in terms of followers, I look to Imii as inspiration for what I could have achieved by this time next year when I’m back from my Erasmus year, and hope that I can maintain the same quality of posts that she so seemingly easily has.


Of course, another extremely inspirational figure for me is Victoria from inthefrow.com. If for some reason you haven’t stumbled across the beauty, she’s style, beauty and travel blogger and always seems to be on holiday or buying some kind of luxury item. It’s really amazing to see her life both on YouTube and in these little square, plus her blog is just goals goals goals. I hope that one day I can achieve just half of what Victoria has, and I will honestly be happy with that!


This lovely account was my first Follow Friday on Instagram, a tag that I sometimes do to promote my favourite users. When I lived in London, I would look at Sarah’s Instagram for inspiration of where to go and things to do- she seems to find the most beautiful, colourful places around the city that I never even knew existed before! Plus, despite a high follower count she will always like your photos, interact with you, and make you feel like you’ve got an online friend which I really love. If my feed wasn’t so pale (due to my overbearing need for clean, matching photos) I would definitely aspire to post more like these because it’s just so pleasing to scroll through all of these amazing photos, bright colours popping out all over the place in a beautiful kaleidoscopic whirl!

So those are the 4 Instagram account that I’ve been loving for the past few months. I will often find an account and covet everything about it; feed, palette of colours, content, the whole works. However I think it’s more important to find accounts that truly inspire you and make you want to achieve the best in order to get the most out of this amazing social media platform.

Lots of Love,
Daisy xxx


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