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I’ve been in Granada for over a month now, and have seen some amazing things so far already! Every street is packed with rich history, Moorish influences and all the tapas you could wish for. I’m doing other posts on certain bars that I’ve enjoyed and the Alhambra Palace deserves its own one as well, but these are my favourite photos that I’ve collected so far.

It’s been scorching weather throughout September, with highs of 34 degrees right into the evening; investing in a 49EUR industrial fan for my room was the best decision of my life to be perfectly honest.

As my dad spent 3 weeks with me when I first moved out to Spain, we mainly did things together such as wandering about looking at the sights, trying out different bars that give you free tapas with each beer- which really just encourages you to sit there for hours and drink so that you can have a free dinner… not really the point but oh well!

The architecture here is beautiful; just like Málaga, the Moorish influences are everywhere even today. There are mini Souk markets selling everything from incense to earrings, beautifully carved archways and detailing in the buildings in the Albayzín district.

I really like Granada, despite it being in the middle of nowhere which is noticeable when you venture further than the main centre of the city. The weather is gorgeous, although it cools right down by mid October- getting to 1 measly degree by December! I can’t wait to not be swealtering every single night and for the day that I can turn my industrial fan off, but for now I’m soaking up the sun and enjoying the fact that people back home are already having grey miserable weather! MUAHAHAHA!

Lots of Love,
Daisy xxx


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