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I often sit down and contemplate what I want to achieve with my social media. I mean, of course it’s something I enjoy immensely but it’s more than just a hobby now- it’s something that I’m trying to turn into a career like so many amazing bloggers that I look up to.

As a general overview, I’m a ‘lifestyle blogger and social influencer’. This means a couple of things; I blog about how I like to live my life and try to suggest to others cool ways in which they can spend their time. I also work with an app called Hype which shares my favourite things to do in London and around other cities in the world- I’m part of a growing community of Influencers with this app and really love feeling part of something here. These titles give me great freedom as I can pick and choose what I’m blogging and posting about, although I tend to stick to a few key areas: travel, coffee shop/restaurant reviews, book reviews, baking and recipes, and photography. They say to write about what you know, so these are things I definitely have passions for in my life and therefore it works best when I blog about them. I get so free and expressive that the posts just seem to write themselves, my fingers fly across the keys quicker than my brain can think of the words!

People often ask me why I’m putting so much of my time into social media and don’t understand why I’m stressing out about a deadline when I’ve put it on myself, or why I’m getting so down because I hate my Instagram feed. It’s true that I put a lot of pressure on myself with this, but then again if I don’t put in the hard work- who is going to do it for me? What will come out of me just taking it easy and doing this so casually? I am no stranger to multitasking, juggling university and a full time job as well as fitting blogging and YouTube around that. I work to a strict schedule and although I am tough on myself, it works for me and I achieve my goals.

Blogging is a way of expressing yourself and putting all your passions together. I love it when I write baking posts as I can combine my love of photography, my culinary skills and my passion for writing into a really cool post which people seem to enjoy reading. I make my YouTube videos because I love to watch them back and reminisce on the past and the things I’ve done, it’s a way of capturing memories which is why I started it in the first place.

The point of this post, much like the video I posted on YouTube a few months ago, is to tell people and reassure myself of what I want to do with my life. I get so much negativity and doubt surrounding my social media career goals, but most of the time this just bounces straight off of me. I have learnt that not everyone will accept what you want in life, but you shouldn’t do anything for others if it’s not what you want to do yourself.

So, here we go. I obviously have to graduate university. Well, I don’t have to, but I would be disappointed in myself for not seeing it through when I’m over halfway done already. During these last 2 years though, I want to really build up my social media sites to a point where I can make a career out of them. This might seem like a big of a leap, but when I consider how far I’ve come in the past year alone, I know I can put in as much hard work as it takes to make this come true for me. I have goals for each site, such as my WordPress URL getting customised, the theme designed by my boyfriend to look more professional and the total follower count being in the thousands rather than hundreds. Instagram I’m hoping for over 10k, and to be getting more ads and sponsorship deals which is finally starting to slowly happen, little by little. As for YouTube, that’s more a hobby for me but I would love to it to reach more people as I love making travel vlogs and I want to share my hard work with others- that’s my shameless need for gratification right there!

I can’t pinpoint exact numbers or when things should happen with my social media but I know that I’ve got so many plans that I’m going to be putting into place, so that hopefully it all pays off and I can be proud of what I’ve achieved by the time I graduate. I’ll then go on a travelling year to take some time off of studying before deciding whether to pursue a career in lifestyle blogging, or taking advantage of my university degree in modern languages and becoming a high school language teacher which is also something I have dreamt of doing for the past few years.

I’m keeping my options open, working hard in all aspects of my life, and hopefully the answer of which road to pursue will become clear to me as I reach my graduation. I’m not rushing into anything and not stressing myself out about which one I should pick. In my opinion, whatever is right for me is the one that will work itself out and I would honestly be grateful with either option.

In the meantime, I’ll keep plugging away at the keys and pursuing this amazing creative outlet!

Lots of Love,
Daisy xxx


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