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So, last week I shared with you my 4 favourite Instagram accounts. Instagram is definitely my favourite social media site by far, I just love the fact you can be so creative with those little squares and create amazing galleries. However, as I’ve started my YouTube account I have also started to take more interest in other YouTubers and watching their videos has become a part of my morning routine- I’ll often watch a couple of videos while doing my makeup or drinking my coffee.



Every Sunday, we get a glimpse into the world of the Michalaks; Hannah, Stef and their 2 year old son Grayson. I have subscribed to this family since the beginning, since when Hannah Maggs was doing her beauty videos and the channel was completely different. Now, we have silky montages, amazing editing and the biggest inspiration for me making my weekly vlogs better and better. If there was any YouTuber that inspired me to do what I do, it’s definitely them. I hope that by the time I start my own family, I am at the point where I can create amazing videos to share snippets of my life and record memories that my children can watch back in years to come.



I don’t actually watch Gabbie’s main channel videos that much, what I find much more interesting are her (almost) daily vlogs which document her life. She’s so open and funny that it’s honestly like watching a friend, and I can relate to a lot of the things that she goes through in her life. I like that she doesn’t just post the rose tinted, edited version of her life. It’s not all polished and pristine like some other YouTubers, and she is extremely honest things. Plus, she has the most adorable little cat called Nelson which stirs all of my cat-lover feels every time his cute face pops up on the screen!



I have the weirdest feeling that I actually know Charlotte from somewhere, and I cannot place it for the life of me. She’s from Essex, my home county, but I feel like I really recognise her voice and face somehow. Maybe that’s why I enjoy watching her videos so much- that and the fact that they’re rarely over 10 minutes long so I can fit them in around a busy day. I particularly love her ‘after videos’ which are roughly 3 minutes long each and really creatively show her holidays, trips to festivals etc. I love that Charlotte seems to be herself so much on camera, not pretending to be all preppy and overly sweet like some other YouTubers I’ve watched (and quickly unsubscribed from). Plus she is CONSTANTLY on holiday so you’ll get some major envy from both her YouTube videos and Instagram posts!



Again, I don’t subscribe to Samantha’s ‘main’ channel but I love her vlogging channel so much! Another Londoner, I love watching her little adventures around the city especially in the London guide mini series that she’s been working on, plus she’s so smiley and friendly that again I just feel like I’m watching a friend on the screen.

As I get more involved in YouTube, I hope to subscribe to more channels and maybe even form a little community eventually, but for now I’m happy with the people who I subscribe to and love catching up with vlogs and travel diaries every week.

Lots of Love,
Daisy xxx


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  1. October 23, 2016 / 5:16 pm

    I love all these youtubers! I’ve only just started watching the Michalaks but the editing is insane

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