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Every year I make a list of things that I want to achieve over the festive season; a seasonal bucket list if you like. I try to include things that give back to my community and the people around me, and things that will enrich my experience of the holidays such as days out with friends.

This year, I have just 7 things on my list which is a massive downscale compared to last year; however I often find myself not completing the lists and getting frustrated with myself. I decided to focus instead on the most important things that I wanted to achieve this December and I feel like this is much more achievable.

  1. Give Blood

  2. Volunteer at a charity shop

  3. Complete Blogmas & Vlogmas properly

  4. Watch more Christmassy films

  5. Hot Chocolate Day

  6. Try more seasonal drinks from Costa, Starbucks etc

  7. Savour time with family and friends, create memories

Some of these might not make sense to people; why would I specifically want to watch more Christmas films or try more seasonal drinks? Well I often feel like I haven’t made the most of this time of year, and considering it’s my absolute favourite holiday you’d think this wouldn’t be the case! I want to really make the most of this Christmas and put all of the negative things that have come with 2016 behind me, focusing on the positives in my life instead and becoming a much happier person.

I think it’s important to create little lists for yourself of what you’d like to achieve. I try to keep it balanced between things that will benefit both me and others. What would you like to achieve this Christmas?

Lots of Love,
Daisy xxx


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