A Little Introduction

I just wanted to write this post for any new followers that might have joined my blog. As I started blogging 2 years ago, I imagine that people have joined at loads of different times during my ‘blogging career’ so you may not really know much about me.

As my blog title suggests, I’m Daisy. I’m a 22 year old languages student from UCL who is currently taking a break from studies to figure my life out. I’m spending a year out working initially, blogging my heart out and travelling- trying to cement my online identity as a lifestyle and travel blogger. Apart from languages, blogging is the first thing I’ve been truly passionate about in years, and I want to pursue this as a career more than anything.

Generally I try to post 4 times per week as well as make videos for my YouTube channel twice a week, although my life has been a bit topsy turvy lately so I haven’t been keeping on schedule. However this will all change from now as I am much more organised and have been scheduling posts due to a random burst of motivation. You can find me on YouTube here and I’ll be making after movies of all of my travels which will hopefully help with the travel blogging persona.

Other social media channels you can find me on are Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin’ where I try to stay as active as possible and engage with my followers. And to all of you who have been following for a long time- thank you so much for your continued support, it means the world to me!

Daisy x


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