Advice For Starting a Blog

A lot of people who talk to me about blogging always say that they’d love to start a blog, but have no idea where to start with it all. It’s certainly a hugely daunting process at the beginning, but I have a couple of tips that really helped me when I was starting out that can be applied to any type of blog- as well as YouTube channel!


First and foremost, you need to get organised. Buy a planner and fill it with everything that’s going on in your life- appointments, scheduling, social plans, work times. It’s essential to get a good grip on how you’re spending your time so that you have an idea of how much you can post, when you can do your work, and really balance your time in order to stay on top of blogging. A lot of people get scared because of the amount of work and commitment they need, but if you organise yourself really well, you’ll find that you can easily slip blogging into your daily life and not get overwhelmed by the workload.


It’s almost impossible to create good content when you have no idea about the subject. Finding your niche is so important because once you’ve found the subject you’re passionate about, the posts will practically write themselves. I spent my first year as a blogger exploring different themes and categories until finally realising that lifestyle and travel was where my heart was- and after that, I had no end of ideas for new posts! Go on what you know and you’ll have no problem creating content!


People need consistency; they need to know that they can expect you to post on certain days, even if it’s just once per week. I have a schedule for both my blog posts and YouTube videos- even Twitter and Instagram I try to stay consistent on in terms of when I’m engaging with my followers and posting things. It’s good to build a relationship with people who follow you, as they will become invested in your blog which is exactly what you want. I spend almost as much time engaging with my followers and people I’m following as I do working on my own posts, taking photos etc.


The main thing that stops people from pursuing blogging is the fear of the unknown; not thinking anyone will read their posts, not knowing where to begin, worrying that they don’t have good enough camera equipment etc. Don’t procrastinate if it’s something you really want to pursue- there’s no time like the present. As long as you’ve got a kick ass, can-do attitude then there’s no reason why you can’t give it a go. I use my iPhone to take my blog photos, so you don’t need a fancy camera- although aren’t we all lusting over the Olympus Pen, it’s so gorgeous! You’re the only one in your way when it comes to starting your blog, YouTube channel, any online career.

Starting a life online is tough, there’s no way around it. It takes hard work, a lot of set backs, and time to build up your online presence. But if you want to pursue blogging, there’s no rules as to when, how and why you should do it. The blogging community are so supportive and welcoming, like a big family, and I’m forever grateful to be a part of it.

What are you waiting for!


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