What Happiness Means To Me

It’s always good to take stock of the day and consider what makes you happy. Suffering with anxiety means that I’m constantly worried about something and that really gets me down, but I still try to think about the things that make me happy in life and what happiness actually means to me as a way of not slipping into a depressive funk.

To me, happiness means being content with my choices. I go through stages of being really put out and nervous about what I’m doing with my life, especially because I’m not choosing a conventional 21k a year job after graduating the university degree everyone expected me to get. I took a very long route to find out what really made me happy in life and it took a long time for me to admit that I could pursue happiness in this way despite the controversy it would cause with family and friends.

Happiness is looking at what I’ve achieved so far with blogging or my independent life choices and looking forward to what is yet to come. It’s knowing that I’ve made independent choices and am owning my mistakes because I will learn from them and become stronger in the long run. Happiness used to mean such a different thing to me, but now it comes in the form of being confident in the path I’ve chosen and seeing my hard work paying off. I might not have the social life I had in high school or the money I used to have, but I have so much more gumption and confidence in myself and that’s what I think is more important.

For now, for me, that’s what happiness means.


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