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Welcome back to my blog!
After quite a big break from blogging over the course of my egg donation cycle, I’ve decided to hit the ground running in April with a tonne of new content that I hope you all enjoy as much as I loved creating it.

I’m always scrolling through Instagram, discovering new people and engaging with followers. I think it’s such a good platform to build relationships on and get involved with the online blogging community. Recently, there have been 4 accounts that I really can’t get enough of…

Photo 05-04-2017, 13 13 19


Laura Stone is an Australian blogger whose Instagram feed is comprised entirely of outfit shots, which might sound pretty repetitive but it’s the best for wardrobe inspo- plus she always seems to be doing cool things in cool places with cool people… it’s just cool. I love getting ideas of where to go when I visit Australia in December and also clothing ideas for when the British weather finally decides to get consistently warmer!

Photo 05-04-2017, 13 13 32


As an aspiring lifestyle and travel blogger, I always turn to Instagram to connect with kindred spirits. I only discovered Kristy’s feed a few weeks ago but look at this grid! I love the top 2 rows especially; a bit of Spring blue is definitely what I need to see right now, plus any lover of fish & chips is a friend of mine!

Photo 05-04-2017, 13 14 03


I recently joined an Engagement Pod on Insta and it’s the best thing as it really encourages people to engage with each other. I’ve been chatting to some really lovely girls, we’ve all been supporting each other especially through commenting on photos. I discovered Mollie through this group and cannot wait to see more of her gorgeous Copenhagen photos as we’ve been promised a tonne plus a huge blog post over on

Photo 05-04-2017, 13 15 13


Okay fine I’ve already included Sarah in my Instagram favourites before, but can you blame me? She’s currently travelling across the world with her husband (@adventuresofathirtysomething) and posts her Peak and Pit of each day in a really charming caption- the girl has a way with writing, that’s for sure! As an aspiring travel and lifestyle blogger, this is definitely one of the feeds I draw most inspiration from and cannot wait to see more of her travel diaries!

I’m constantly discovering new people on the ‘Gram so want to do more of these little posts to share the love and get people connected.
Until then!

Daisy x


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  1. April 5, 2017 / 1:51 pm

    Ah thanks for featuring me in this babes, I’ve been having a right nightmare with my Instagram the last few weeks so this means a lot! 🙂

    Kristy xx

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