My May Plans

I cannot believe we’re already in May- almost halfway through this year… where has the time gone? It’s pretty scary to think I’ve already had 7 months since withdrawing from university (blog post to follow on that as we definitely need a chat about it), but I am really happy with how things are progressing so far.

May for me is the busiest month that I’ve had this year so far. I’m taking this month to really push myself in terms of social media commitments and hopefully I’ll see a huge surge in engagement from this hard work!

I’ll be making more trips to London each week to get back into reviewing London coffee shops and restaurants as I loved doing that last year, discovering new little nooks and creating interesting content for people who want to visit the best city on earth- not biased at all! Each week on my blog I want to have at least one review which means a lot of trips back and forth into London but it’ll be worth it!

I have two trips planned- Paris on the 15th and Amsterdam on the 22nd, both with my cousin Chanelle. I’m going to be writing blog posts, outfit posts, reviews, making aftermovies for YouTube; I have such huge plans for the content created from these two trips and thankfully my cousin will be on hand to be my professional photographer. As I’ve been to these two places before (and am actually going to both again before the end of the year), I’m going to avoid the typically touristy stuff and stick to the most ‘Grammable finds in each city!

It’s come around ridiculously fast but I also have Tom’s godson’s first birthday this month… to me he’s still a tiny little baby but in fact he’s growing into this little boy and it’s so magical to watch him develop into such a character. I won’t be vlogging or anything but the party will be on my Instagram story- follow me here if you don’t already *shameless social media plug*

Apart from that I’m just going to be working full time still, and plugging away at my blogging and social media. I’m going to be doing ‘Everyday May‘ during the last week of the month where I upload a new YouTube video every day. I loved doing Vlaugust and Vlogtober, so this will be another little challenge that will hopefully get me into filming and editing more as I’ve been severely slacking lately! You can subscribe to my YouTube channel here to keep updated with all of my new videos.

May is so promising, I just need to really get my head down and get to work if I want to see the results! Wish me luck!

Daisy x


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