Where Have I Been?

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I made so many promises at the beginning of the year about my blogging commitment. Then I flaked. Then I came back and renewed all of the pledges to stay focused on my work… well, a lot of personal stuff has happened since then which has made me take a little hiatus from the blogging world and social media in general. I’ve been feeling so unmotivated, deflated, out of love with blogging and not wanting to even look at my laptop to be honest. But part of me always felt like I was missing out by shutting myself away- I do love blogging, I love the power of social media, I adore creating content.

I feel refreshed after some time away to sort my personal issues, and have decided to just take a little of the pressure off of myself with regards to a posting schedule. So, I’m promising regular posts each Monday, Wednesday and Sunday starting from today; I’ve already scheduled all of my posts for this week in fact! As for my YouTube channel, I’m moving house next Sunday so when I’m settled there I am throwing myself back into that too with 2 videos per week including more vlogs because I loved making those!

Here’s to renewed hope and a sudden surge of motivation that I’m not letting go to waste!


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