Benefits of House Plants!

This might seem like a totally random blog post subject for me, but I honestly love house plants so much! Since moving into my own flat a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been on the lookout for little decor pieces to make my room look really homely, and have been gravitating towards plants more and more. Currently I have 7 little pals scattered around my room and they have really made such a difference already- at this rate my room will be a jungle by the end of the month!

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Photo 22-06-2017, 13 12 40

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House plants are so beneficial for humans in lots of ways. They oxygenate rooms, help with productivity and memory, clean the air, provide humidity on dry days (not that we need that right now in England!!) and have been proven to make people happier by being around them.

I adore plants, there’s something so therapeutic about tending to them and making sure they have enough light, water and pot space. Something about nurturing a living thing and seeing it flourish and thrive under your care. Plus they look so pretty! I especially love my new Chlorophytum which matches its orange and green pot so nicely- the colours of those leaves tho!! And who can resist a good old succulent? Mine are from Sainsbury’s, just £3 each!

I’m on the hunt for a huge Swiss Cheese plant next for my other desk- yes, I have two desks which may seem excessive but one is just for storage… and by that I mean it’s got my papers, some sellotape and 2 big plants on it right now!


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