Reflection on 2017 So Far…

This year started off so vague for me; I was bumbling through January with a part time job at a restaurant, not knowing whether I was going back to uni or not, feeling so lost in life. Skip forward to July 2nd, I’ve got a full time job, am being paid for blogging which is my passion, am taking so many amazing trips each month, and can finally see my life going in the right direction.

2017 has definitely had its ups and downs just like any other year, but I’m suddenly feeling so much more positive about my life in general now. I have had some amazing opportunities with relation to my blogging, which is finally kicking off and getting somewhere. I have moved into the cutest little flat and have the space I needed for my creativity to run free, meaning I am so much more motivated with blog posts, Instagram and filming for YouTube. I am putting my heart and soul into curating my career, finally being paid for working with brands and seeing my engagement and following grow.

I no longer feel like I’m waiting for something to happen- it’s happening now. I’m very fortunate to be in such a good place right now. Sure I am still the same stressed out little mess as before, but this time it’s a good kind of stress- the kind that comes with having plans and schedules that pay off in the long run. The kind of stress that makes me work harder to get that feeling of achievement.

In 7 months my life has turned upside down and I wouldn’t change how things have ended up. I’m so excited to see what the rest of the year brings, and have already started making plans for 2018- after all, ya girl needs to channel that obsession with planning somewhere!!


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