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Since moving out of London, I’ve tried to go back and visit my favourite city at least once a week- trust me, that’s still a helluva lot cheaper than actually living there!! Sometimes I take my boyfriend, sometimes my dad comes with me, sometimes girlfriends and I have brunch, and sometimes I just go up by myself to enjoy a beautiful day.

Last weekend I was feeling all kinds of achievement- I’m finally getting somewhere with my blogging, enough to see it as a viable career option within a year or so. I wanted to treat myself but not get too extravagant- I still have rent to pay, and I’m not a full-time well-paid blogger just yet!! I decided to go to Aubaine in Selfridges, Oxford Street. One of my favourite little bistros in London, I go mainly to get the beautiful photos of the hanging wisteria- however it’s hard to resist this place for all of its beautiful French luxury.

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Yes, the menu is pricey, I’ll admit that straight away. This isn’t a cheap eats kind of place; it’s more of a treat yo’self beautiful brunch in beautiful dresses kind of place. It’s hard to get a good photo of the interior without at least one table being seated as this place is really popular, especially among the shoppers of Selfridges who want to treat themselves to a refreshing glass of champers between buying expensive pairs of shoes and luxurious perfumes.

I’ve always wanted to try the lobster eggs benedict, but decided to rein it in a tad and opt for a soya cappuccino and one of the most beautiful little raspberry tarts I’ve ever laid eyes on!

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I’m not a food snob; I much prefer eating burritos out of foil and drinking cheap beer with my friends to pretending to be full on tiny little haute cuisine dishes. However there’s something absolutely irresistible about Aubaine. I adore the interiors, I adore the food, I love the care and attention I receive from the French waiters who make me feel like a lady of luxury. I like taking an hour out of my hectic day to sit in a really beautiful setting, switch off and surround myself with luxury. Just for an hour, until my phone starts buzzing with to-do lists and texts about work.

Aubaine is the perfect place to escape from the chaos of our modern lives and indulge in a little piece of French luxury; I will be back there very soon…


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