Revived in Iceland

One hour in Iceland, and I’m already craving writing again. I don’t know what it is about this country, with its unforgiving weather, harsh winds and imposing mountains… but something in this country inspired me from the minute I got out of the airport and into the cold wintry air.

I feel like Iceland is the place that makes me want to create something beautiful out of my time here. Let’s be honest, if you’re into nature photography and breathtaking views like I am, then Iceland is the place for you. If not, well let’s just say you’re going to be hard pressed to find much else to occupy your time here.

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I’ve been working on finding my balance in life and getting back into things I love: writing, reading, creating, travelling, sleeping. My life has been dedicated to working 2 jobs 24/7, trying to save money so that I can buy a house next year but failing absolutely miserably (because I am absolutely dreadful at saving money). It’s come to a point where I don’t really care about that anymore, because I am so drained of everything that makes me me.

So maybe it’ll take a little longer to save for a house and I won’t be able to get excited over decor schemes for the time being, but at least I’ll be able to spend my spare time working on my passions again.

I’m very grateful that Iceland has snapped me out of the workaholic life and reignited my love for writing. I’m setting no expectations here, I just want to let creativity take hold and see what comes out of it!

So, hello again blogging, my old friend. Let’s hang out more often…


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